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Nebraska Women’s Basketball Outlasts Purdue 68-54

The Huskers come away with a win at home, plus five players score in double digits

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

First order of business, Callin Hake joins the starting lineup in place of Maddie Krull. Maybe looking for more of an offensive punch tonight.

Nebraska Women’s Basketball: The one where they go on multiple scoring droughts, including one of six minutes, and still have five players in double digits. (This is a “Friends” reference, sorry if you’ve never seen the show.)

First Quarter

Jaz Shelley starts right where she left off hitting the long two, we go on a couple back and forth possessions (7-6 Purdue). Both teams putting up some good shots, but nothing wants to fall. Huskers have once again started to go on a scoring drought over two minutes, but Markowski said, “Jaden, be quiet, I got this.” We go to the media timeout at the 3:49 mark, Boilermakers lead it 13-12.

Oh wow, Kendall Moriarty with a beautiful cut for the bucket (15-13 Neb). Nebraska’s bench giving some good minutes here, everyone seems to be super active, not hesitant in shooting like the last couple games. Natalie Potts gets her first points of the game towards the end of the first quarter.

Markowski surpasses 800 rebounds, puts her 8th all time. Big congratulations to her.

Nebraska 19 Purdue 17

Second Quarter

My goodness, Alexis Markowski have a game why don’t you? That’s 13 first half points. What an assist from Markowski, a one handed pass to Shelley that was going well over Markowski’s head, forces Purdue to call the quick timeout. (26-20 Neb)

This might just end up being a highlight reel for Alexis and I’m not complaining. Not much going here for either team, turnovers and missed shots fill the last couple minutes. Both teams on a scoring drought, Nebraska 3:40; Purdue 3:07. Jessica Petrie with some crazy footwork down low, that would put Footloose to shame, she stops the drought (30-22 Neb). The Huskers are on a 13-2 run over the last seven minutes. Moriarty’s shot is called an offensive foul and I respectively disagree, but I might be biased.

Nebraska hasn’t been able to put the ball in the hoop and unfortunately can’t stop Purdue from making shots. Boilermakers make it a three point game (32-29 Neb).

Nebraska 32 Purdue 29

Alexis Markowski has a team best 14 points.

Jaz Shelley adds on 5 points with 5 rebounds.

Nebraska is shooting 42% to Purdue’s 38%. (Neb 22% on 3’s, Purdue 25% on 3’s)

Purdue is leading the rebounding category 20-19.

Third Quarter

Natalie Potts decides that she wants to get in on the scoring and hits a big three. There’s a very fast media timeout due to some equipment? Honestly not quite sure what the deal is. I got the scoop, some equipment fell off and officials went to look to see if there was any excess contact, there was not, we play on.

Nebraska’s defense has been super agressive tonight, sometimes leads to fouls, but it’s nice to see them play with some fire. Markowski gets a block and that leads to a Darian White three ball. Moriarty has made it a point to attack the basket tonight, she has free throws coming up (2of2) Nebraska has the 10 point lead (41 -31). The Huskers are scoring at a high clip right now and my fingers are confused on what to write. A freshman (Petrie) to freshman (Potts) connection sends Purdue into a timeout with 4:03 left in the third quarter. (47-33 Neb)

Maddie gets awarded free throws for simply boxing out, but she misses both at the charity stripe. A turnover that turns into Boilermaker points persuades Amy Williams to call one of her own timeouts.

Looks like it must have worked, Darian White just drove straight to the basket and scored (49-39 Neb). Kendall Moriarty gets the at home bounce on a three that had to get put up as the shot clock expired. Stellar defense leads to a Darian White stop and pop bucket, the Huskers lead by 11 at the end up the third.

Nebraska 54 Purdue 43

Darian White is having her best game as a Husker, she’s got 12 points on 4/5 from the floor. (56-45 Neb) A bunch of offensive rebounds lead to a Jaz Shelley three and a Natalie Potts two in a span of two possessions (61-45 Neb). We hit the media timeout with 7:35 left in the fourth.

Natalie Potts is hunting for offensive rebounds, but that’s really all that’s happening. Nebraska is on a two minute scoring drought as is Purdue. Stevenson, for the Boilermakers, has fouled out with 5:10 left in the game. The scoring drought for the Huskers has hit the four minute mark, but Darian White gets free throws, she makes 1 of 2. (62-50 Neb)

Nebraska has been on a scoring drought for over six minutes and still manages to have an 11 point lead, credit the Husker defense for that. Moriarty puts that to bed with a quick basket. Callin Hake hits the dager three with 25 seconds left and that should do it and Potts seals the win with a steal with mere seconds left.

Nebraska 68 Purdue 54

Thoughts and Stats

Nebraska had five players in double figures; Darian White (14), Alexis Markowski (14), Natalie Potts (11), Kendall Moriarty (11), and Jaz Shelley (10)

Crazy to think Markowski didn’t score in the second half.

Jaz Shelley had 9 rebounds, one shy of a double double. Alexis Markowski added 7, Natalie Potts and Jessica Petrie had 6.

Nebraska shot 42% from the floor compared to Purdue’s 36%, including 32% (Neb) from three and 19% (Purdue) from three.

Nebraska won the rebound battle 44-32.

The Huskers will take on Rutgers on Saturday at 2:00 pm.