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Hail To The Victors! Or Cheaters?: What Are They - Michigan dude Anthony Broome Joins Us

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington Photo by CFP/Getty Images

Anthony Broome of On3 joined us to discuss the 2023 Michigan Wolverines!

We had a friendly but lively discussing, including:

  • Did Michigan cheat their way to a national title?
  • Is this an overblown bunch of booey?
  • Is everyone else doing it?
  • What is a Michigan Man?
  • What did Ohio State have to do with all of this?
  • Where is Connor Stallions! What’s he up to these days?
  • What about Sherrone Moore, new Michigan Football coach?
  • Was Jim Harbaugh going to go to the NFL regardless of what happened at Michigan or is he fleeing the sanctions?
  • Is Moore the right guy for the job or was he just a good pick because Michigan saw how many Alabama players fled into the portal upon the hiring of Kalen DeBoer?
  • What does the Michigan fan base think of this year? ALL this year?
  • Are Ohio State fans insane that they think they’d be good with any coach?
  • What will college football do without Jim Harbaugh? (He’s a great quote, alla the time!)