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Wrestling: #6 Nebraska Demolishes Northwestern 39-3, Improves to 8-1

Huskers used four tech falls, a pin and a major decision to flatten the Wildcats, winning nine of 10 bouts

Silas Allred vs Andrew Davison
Nebraska’s #14 Silas Allred beat Northwestern’s #27 Evan Bates via tech fall Friday night.
Dylan Guenther / Corn Nation

The 6th-ranked Nebraska wrestling team dominated the Wildcats of Northwestern Friday night, winning nine of the 10 matches — six wins by bonus.

Even wrestling two backups, Nebraska flexed its muscle in a 39-3 win. Nebraska improves to 8-1 on the year while Northwestern is now 0-3 in duals. Nebraska seems to have bounced back nicely from their loss to Iowa a couple weeks ago. We’ll find out more on Sunday when the Huskers travel to Madison to face #21 Wisconsin.

Match-By-Match Breakdown

*FloWrestling individual rankings used

125 pounds

Having struggled recently, Nebraska’s #10 Caleb Smith took care of business against freshman Massey Odiotti of Northwestern.

After scoring an early takedown in the first period, Smith gave up an escape in the first and second periods, taking a 3-2 led into the third period. Smith then poured it on in the final frame, collecting a pair of takedowns on the way to an 11-3 major decision win.

With the win, Smith improves to 15-4 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 4, Northwestern 0

133 pounds

Looking like he’s improving rapidly, Nebraska’s #26 Jacob Van Dee dominated a guy he was expected to dominate.

Facing Northwestern’s Patrick Adams (0-6 this year), Van Dee scored a first-period takedown before riding out the period, collecting 2:32 in riding time. In the second, Van Dee cut Adams loose before scoring two takedowns to go up 9-2.

In the third, Adams chose neutral and Van Dee scored a fast takedown on a low shot. He put on a hard ride, forcing a pair of stalling calls for a point each. The Husker redshirt freshman locked up a cradle with 25 seconds left and put Adams on his back for three nearfall points, giving him the 17-2 tech fall with just 10 seconds left. Van Dee had accumulated an incredible 5:20 in riding time.

With the win, Van Dee is now 14-5 on the year with four tech falls.

Team Score: Nebraska 9, Northwestern 0

141 pounds

Getting the start for the second dual in a row was sophomore Blake Cushing. It’s unclear why #7 Brock Hardy has been out. And for the second straight dual, Cushing picked up a big win for the Huskers, showing Nebraska’s depth here.

Facing freshman Kolby McClain, Cushing scored a pair of first-period takedowns, including one on a beautiful ankle pick on the edge. Cushing added another takedown and a stalling point in the second to go up 10-4.

In the third, Cushing started on bottom and got a reversal before cutting McClain as he began hunting for a tech fall. Cushing scored three more takedowns and a stalling point, his last takedown as time expired. With the riding-time point, Cushing earned the 23-8 tech fall win.

With the win, Cushing is now 13-3 on the year and 5-2 against DI opponents. He’s now 2-1 in duals.

Team Score: Nebraska 14, Northwestern 0

149 pounds

Facing an undermatched opponent, Nebraska’s #1 Ridge Lovett did what a top-ranked guy is supposed to do: He dominated against Northwestern’s Aiden Vandenbush.

In the first period, Lovett scored three takedowns and four nearfall points when he cradled Vandenbush, taking a 13-3 lead to the second period.

In the second, Lovett scored a quick escape before getting a takedown to go up 17-3. Lovett was able to put Vandenbush on his back, collecting four nearfall points that would have scored a tech fall, but the Husker junior slapped a figure four on the head and stuck Vandenbush for the pinfall win instead, his fifth of the year.

With the win, Lovett is now 18-0.

Team Score: Nebraska 20, Northwestern 0

157 pounds

Spelling #12 Peyton Robb, true freshman Ethan Stiles took the mat against Northwestern’s #22 Trevor Chumbley, a seasoned senior.

The young Husker showed impressive defense and offense as he fended off multiple shots by Chumbley while collecting a takedown to go up 3-1 after the quick escape by Chumbley.

After another fast escape by Chumbley to start the second, the two got into multiple exchanges with each showing off impressive defense and scrambling ability.

In the third period, Stiles improved his lead to 4-2 with an escape when he was cut loose to start the period. Chumbley eventually hit a double-leg takedown to go up 5-4. After getting cut, the match was tied at 5-5, but Chumbley scored a late takedown with 20 seconds left to earn the 8-5 decision.

Now 14-2 on the year (2-2 against DI), Stiles showed a lot of good things despite dropping the match in the third period. A top-level recruit a year ago, Stiles is redshirting and can see action one more time while keeping his shirt.

Team Score: Nebraska 20, Northwestern 3

165 pounds

In the battle between three-time Nebraska state champions in high school, the Huskers’ #16 Antrell Taylor took on Northwestern’s #18 Maxx Mayfield. Taylor wrestled at Millard South, while Mayfield wrestled at Lincoln East.

After a scoreless first period where they were largely feeling each other out, Taylor struck first with an escape to start the second period. Mayfield scored a quick escape of his own in the third. With no more scoring, the match went to sudden victory.

Taylor wasted no time in scoring a takedown on the edge to win the match 4-1, improving to 14-3 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 23, Northwestern 3

174 pounds

Nebraska’s #26 Bubba Wilson got back in the win column with a nice win over Northwestern’s David Ferrante.

Wilson scored a first-period takedown before giving up an escape in both the first and second periods, taking a narrow 3-2 lead into the third period.

Wilson started the period with an escape before adding a late takedown off of some good defense to ice things. After a Ferrante escape, Wilson won the match 7-3.

With the win, Wilson is now 12-6 on the year. He showed off some impressive defense throughout the match.

Team Score: Nebraska 26, Northwestern 3

184 pounds

Nebraska’s #3 Lenny Pinto kept things rolling against #23 Troy Fisher of Northwestern.

After a scoreless first period, Pinto got an escape in the second period to go up 1-0. In the third, Fisher tied things with an escape, but Pinto was right in on a shot for a takedown to go up 4-1. Pinto then caught Fisher on a shot and threw him over and nearly put him on his back in scoring the takedown and the 7-3 decision win.

With the win, Pinto is now 14-3 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 29, Northwestern 3

197 pounds

In another ranked matchup, Nebraska’s #14 Silas Allred took on #27 Evan Bates.

Allred showed he’s better than his ranking as he racked up six takedowns on the way to the 19-4 tech fall win. Allred scored one takedown in the first, another in the second period and really pushed the pace in the third with four takedowns.

With the win, Allred is now 16-4 this year with five wins via tech fall.

Team Score: Nebraska 34, Northwestern 3

285 pounds

Nebraska’s redshirt freshman Harley Andrews seems to have turned a corner. After winning a 10-7 match against #33 Bennett Tabor of Minnesota to win a dual last week, Andrews was dominant against Northwestern’s Jack Jessen.

In the first period, Andrews got a quick takedown after stuffing Jessen’s shot before transitioning into a tilt to put Jessen on his back for four nearfall points. Andrews later scored another set of four nearfall points to go up 11-0 after riding out the period.

Andrews added an escape in the second period. Jessen then chose neutral in the third with Andrews eventually throwing him by for a takedown and a 15-0 tech fall win.

With the win, Andrews is 10-9 on the year. Of his 10 wins, Andrews has four pins, four techs and a major.

Team Score: Nebraska 39, Northwestern 3