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Huskers Better Win the Red Zone - Five Heart Podcast

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images


Matt Rhule gave a clinic to Texas high school football coaches titled “Winning in the Red Zone.” This has been an area of concern for the Huskers in recent years. Nebraska had a 69% (nice) success rate in the red zone last year. That was good for being tied for 127 out of 130 FBS schools.

One could argue that Nebraska’s biggest issue last year was holding onto the ball long enough to make it to the red zone. Matt Rhule’s squad had just 28 trips inside the opponent’s 20 yard line, scoring on 20 of those. That’s roughly two and a third trips per game. And WE NEED MORE! So hopefully whatever Matt Rhule told these high school coaches will be seen on the field by the Huskers in 2024 and going forward.

Also, oh boy, the Nebraska men’s basketball team put on a show at PBA, cruising past an Ohio State 83-69 on Tuesday. Next up is a road trip to Maryland on Saturday and then next Thursday Reink, Keisei, and the rest host the Wisconsin Badgers.

Meanwhile, he Husker women’s basketball team is 13-6 overall and 5-3 in the conference and will go up against the Iowa Jerkeyes this Saturday and apparently the most dynamic or impressive athlete in the whole wide world. So...pray to the deity of your choosing that Caitlin Clark’s flop after the Ohio State game did irreparable damage to her ego and tailbone. Look, I know it’s not ballet, but you could have fooled me with her dancing skills.

Looking forward to one of my favorite times of the whole week.