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Monday Night Therapy: Husker Wrestling, Basketball, The Polynesian Bowl and 2025?

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We finally had a show on Monday night that’s supposed to be a Monday night show for the first time in well before Christmas that Todd and I were last together.

We talked about a number of different subjects.

We discussed the men’s and women’s basketball teams and their standings in the Big Ten. Nebraska men’s basketball is currently tied for fifth while the women’s basketball team is in fourth place in conference.

We had a discussion about wrestling and how Nash Hutmacher is extremely agile for as big as he is as a heavyweight and as a huge guy. Todd talked for a bit about multi-sport athletes and why it’s a good thing.

Someone asked our opinion on whether or not Kaelin DeBoer would be successful at Alabama. We discussed where people would rank Nebraska quarterbacks since Eric Crouch and there were a number of them. People had a lot of different opinions on the matter.

We discussed Caitlin Clark’s latest run in with a fan on the floor at the Ohio State game. People discussed the fact that Caitlin is both an exceptional basketball player and a good flopper. I pointed out that she’s not our player so it’s perfectly well and good that we make fun of her and tear them down when they lose.

I will be jumping in a frozen lake or a cold lake this Saturday and I hope that you can contribute to my donation so I can raise $500 to give to the Minnesota Special Olympics. SEE BELOW!

Also, if you’re looking for history videos, this offseason I will be doing a lot more with my Hardcore College Football History channel. We’ll still be having live shows and I’ll still be doing some videos on the Corn Nnation channel, but my focus will be on history for most of the offseason.


Again this year. It doesn’t look like it will be 4 degrees like it was last year, but I am once again asking you to donate. I am raising funds for the Minnesota Special Olympics.