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Nebraska Women’s Basketball Collapses Against Penn State 82-73

Another big hearted effort for a Nebraska comeback falls short

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 12 Nebraska at Michigan Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you would have told me that the Huskers would only lose by nine in a game they were down as much as 21, I actually would have believed you. Nebraska has done that quite a bit, they fall down a hole that they can’t dig out of all the way at the end. After a great Markowski start early in the first, it was all Penn State from there.

Nebraska falls to 13-6, 5-3 in Big Ten play.

First Quarter

A couple quick turnovers by Penn State lead to Markowski points (5-0 Neb). Not a lot going for either team, a couple minutes filled with missed shots and turnovers. Just like that, Markowski shuts me up, her foot on the line makes it a very long two instead of a three (7-0 Neb). Huskers have committed five turnovers in the last four minutes and a scoring drought is reaching three minutes. At the media timeout, Huskers lead 7-3 with 4:12 left in the first.

Huskers whiff on a couple of rebounds, Penn State ties the game 7-7; Petrie gets a basket right after, but so do the Nittany Lions. I feel like I’m watching both teams compete for who can miss the most threes, both teams are 1-9 from deep. (Of course both teams would make one right after.) Not a lot to write about in this first quarter as each team is shooting under 30%.

Nebraska 12 Penn State 12

Second Quarter

A missed layup and a turnover by the Huskers turn into points for the Nittany Lions (17-12 PSU). Jaz Shelley is trying to get going from literally anywhere, but she’s 0-6, not bad shots just nothing going down. (Turns out nobody can really make a shot. As frustrating as it is for a Husker fan, it has got to be just as much for the team.) Kendall Coley gets a three to fall on her first shot of the game. (22-15 PSU)

Whatever Penn State’s defensive plan was for Nebraska, it seems to be working, the Huskers just look all out of sorts. Petrie puts up the three and gets it to fall, pulls Nebraska within six (24-18 PSU). We head into the media timeout with 3:28 left in the second quarter.

Callin Hake hits the big three to get Nebraska within five, but Penn State goes and gets a three back. A frenzy of baskets for both teams here the last couple minutes (33-25 PSU). Ughh Penn State gets the buzzer beater three to fall, Nebraska goes into the locker room down 10.

Nebraska 26 Penn State 36

Alexis Markowski leads the team in scoring with 9 points and 8 rebounds.

Jessica Petrie follows with 7 points.

Nobody else has over three points.

Penn State leads the rebounding battle 24-20.

Third Quarter

I’m a tad bit behind because I’m watching the yucky Iowa Hawkeyes hopefully lose to Ohio State. Anywayyy, Markowski scores quick points, Penn State gets them back (40-28 PSU). Markowski is trying to do everything she can to get Nebraska back in this game, but shots just don’t seem to be falling (48-32 PSU). Markowski does get her 33rd career double double (so there’s a bright spot). Media timeout at the 4:38 mark (50-34 PSU).

Jazz Shelley gets her first points of the game (53-38 PSU). Nebraska can’t get anything going offensively, it’s been really hard to watch. Hake gets to the line to shoot free throws, she goes one of two (58-42 PSU). Markowski is awarded free throws as the buzzer sounds, she makes one of two.

(These recaps should be very detailed, but nothing is really happening except missed shots and turnovers by Nebraska that lead to Penn State points.)

Nebraska 45 Penn State 64

Fourth Quarter

What looked like another Husker turnover turned into a Moriarty reverse layup, Darian White drills the three as well. Penn State has started to miss shots and the Huskers are on a 8-0 run (66-53 PSU). After committing a foul a series before, Annika Stewart hits the three (69-56 PSU). With 5:09 left in the game, we go to the media timeout, Huskers down 13.

JAZ SHELLEY, I LOVE YOU!! She hits the three and it’s 10 point game! Kendall Moriarty gets the jumper to fall (69-61 Penn St).


MORIARTY MAKES IT A FIVE POINT GAME! (71-66) Kendall got the And-1, but missed the free throw. (2:26 left in the game)

Penn State gives Darian White free throws, she splits the pair (73-67 PSU). Jaz picks up her fifth foul and heads to the bench. White fouls and gives Penn State the And-1, she comes right back down and scores a bucket. (76-69 PSU)

Kendall Moriarty turns the ball over out of a timeout and Nebraska has to foul. Penn State leads 78-69 with 43 seconds left. Darian White gets a couple layups to fall (82-73 PSU), but it’s an effort that will have no real awards.

Nebraska 73 Penn State 82

Stats and Thoughts

Alexis Markowski leads team scoring with 16 points and adds a career high 19 rebounds. (Her 33rd career double double)

Jaz Shelley and Darian White both add 12. Jaz had 9 of her 12 in the fourth quarter.

Nebraska led the rebounding battle 44-37, but had 18 turnovers compared to Penn State’s 14.

Nebraska shot 36.8% from the field, Penn State shot 46.8%.

This is a game you want to forget, but are going to want to learn from as well.

Nebraska heads to Iowa City on January 27th to take on the Hawkeyes. (The Hawkeyes lost, by the way. Hahaha.)