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Thursday Flakes: Turbulence, Babies Born on Airplanes and Honeymoon Destinations

Exotic travel topics for an Thursday Travel Flakes.

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Palm tree leaning over white sand and ocean; Tahiti, French Polynesia Photo by: Craig Tuttle/Design Pics Editorial/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The college coaching carousel has been crazy over the last week. Much to my surprise, Kalin DeBoer leaves Washington to become the new Alabama head coach. Then Jedd Fisch leaves Arizona to become the new Washington head coach. Finally, Brent Brennan leaves San Jose State to become the new Arizona head coach. It will be interesting to see which coach ends up with the most success at their new school.

I’ve always wondered what happens to babies born on airplanes and thankfully I’ve learned more about the complicated process this week. I know airlines have certain rules for how late into your pregnancy you can fly onto an airplane to avoid these kind of issues. However, these things do still happen due to premature pregnancies and other things.

Of course a very common issue to worry about on a plane is turbulence. This can still be a bit unpredictable even after the pilot announces it. You never quite know the exact moment you will feel like you are on a roller coaster for a few seconds. Thankfully I’ve never been on a flight with major turbulence issues. Although I did find an article this week that breaks down the US flight routes with the most frequent turbulence, which could be useful information when planning your next trip.

Speaking of cold plunges, Dear Leader Jon Johnston is participating in one of these next weekend so feel free to donate on his fundraising page and help support a good cause.

Do you have any bad experiences with turbulent flights?

Where did you travel on your honeymoon?

If you haven’t been on a honeymoon? What is your dream honeymoon destination?

Do you like visiting off-the-beaten track travel destinations?

Have you ever been to Florence, Italy?

Is sustainable travel important to you?

Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments below. Anyways...onto Flakes.


Nebraska WBB Dominates Michigan 62-43 | Women’s Basketball | Corn Nation

This was a performance that I could imagine from the Huskers. They have shown that they could be this team (lockdown defense and in control of the pace) several times this season. After the last game at Minnesota, where Nebraska looked sleepy and unsure of the plan, I did not have a lot of confidence we’d see this big of a turnaround. I’m happy that the team did.

Nebraska Leaves New Jersey With A 87-82 Loss To Rutgers | Men’s Basketball | Corn Nation

It wasn’t a pretty game. The Huskers came in to hopefully pull off a road win that would help pad their NCAA Tournament resume. Instead they walked away will a poor performance that was dominated by a stout Rutgers defense. While the lead went back and fourth early in the game the Huskers actually lead for a majority of the night. Two of those leads were by double digits. However, scoring droughts and a high pressure defense from the Scarlet Knights kept letting the Huskers lead slip away off an on during the game.

Glenn Thomas Joins Nebraska Football Coaching Staff | Football |

Thomas has more than two decades of college and NFL coaching experience and will serve as Nebraska’s co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Thomas’ hire is pending the completion of the University of Nebraska hiring process. Thomas comes to Lincoln after one season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Thomas served as an offensive assistant, helping the Steelers to an appearance in the AFC playoffs.

Huskers Ready for Northeast Classic | Bowling |

the Nebraska bowling team gears up for one of its biggest tournaments of the season at the Northeast Classic in New Castle, Delaware. This weekend, Bowlerama will host 37 of the nation’s best bowling teams all battling for the title of Northeast Classic Champion. The 37 teams include 18 of the 25 NTCA nationally ranked teams in the country

Anton Shepp Named Big Ten Player of the Week | Men’s Tennis |

In his first dual competition as part of the Big Ten, Shepp went 4-0 at the team’s season opening doubleheader. Shepp won all four of his matches in straight sets, competing in the No. 1 Doubles slot and No. 2 singles for the Big Red.

Henry Zimmerman Tabbed Big Ten Field Athlete of the Week | Men’s Track & Field |

On Nebraska track and field’s first day of competition at the Graduate Classic, Zimmerman broke the weight throw school record and recorded the second-best mark in the NCAA this season. He threw a 73-06 (22.40m) on his second attempt to take over Nebraska’s No. 1 spot in the record book, before topping that in his final try with a 73-06.75 (22.42m). Zimmerman didn’t compete last season but placed third in the event at the 2022 Big Ten Championship.

Former Nebraska WR Trey Palmer Continues Pregame Superstition in NFL Playoffs | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

Continuing a tradition he began at Nebraska, Palmer tweeted that he was “pissed off” prior to facing the Eagles — and the superstition again worked as his night included the crucial touchdown catch. What began as a simple 6-yard grab at the sidelines turned into a big-play touchdown as Palmer evaded multiple defenders and let his breakaway speed do the rest.

Nebraska Volleyball’s 2024 Beach Season Includes Rival Texas | Volleyball | Omaha World-Herald

The Nebraska beach volleyball program announced its season schedule on Tuesday, and it once again includes a match against Texas, this time during a tournament in Long Beach, California. Last season, Nebraska beat Texas 3-2 in Honolulu. This year, Texas has recruited more beach-only volleyball players, and its lineup may not have many players from its national championship-winning indoor team.


Where to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy in Atlanta | Travel | Lonely Planet

Atlanta, Georgia is the birthplace and final resting place of one of America’s most pivotal and charismatic historical figures – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was here that King’s crusade for equal rights was born and bred. His early life centered on Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn district, which served as the cultural cradle of the city’s African-American community throughout the 1900s.

Copy My Trip: Rediscovering Hong Kong’s Street Markets, Buzzy Restaurants and Star Ferries | Travel | Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s Managing Editor of Destinations Content, Alexander Howard, recently traveled to Hong Kong. Here, he shares some tips and insights for anyone planning a similar trip.

The 9 Best Budget Honeymoon Destinations For 2024 | Travel | Lonely Planet

Your first vacation as a married couple shouldn’t break the bank. Here are the nine best destinations for a budget honeymoon.

The Best Train Rides in Europe: 10 Amazing Journeys For 2024 | Travel | Lonely Planet

From countryside views and mountain villages to alpine passes and landmark bridges (with a little wildlife spotting thrown in for good measure), the continent offers up some of the most scenic train rides in the world.

14 of the Best Places to Eat in Florence | Travel | Lonely Planet

Amid the breathtaking kaleidoscope of street tripe carts, wine bars, historical cafes and old-school eateries strung with cured ham legs, spectacular openings – from market stall to Michelin-starred – with a new generation of bold women chefs at the helm are reinterpreting culinary traditions.

What Happens to Babies Born on Airplanes? | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Procedures for in-flight births are not formalized: Commonly, the passenger might be moved to a more spacious and comfortable seat in business or first class, or have an area cleared in the galley. Einstetler also says that emergency landings are unlikely. “It would take a minimum 45 minutes to get the passenger from, say, 39,000 feet to a hospital,” she says. “This option is inconvenient for the other passengers, costly for the airline, and disruptive to the aircraft schedule.” Instead, cabin crew will act as ad hoc midwives as the plane speeds to its original destination.

These Are the Most Turbulent Flight Routes in the United States | Travel | Travel + Leisure

Passengers heading from Nashville to Raleigh/Durham are most likely to experience the bumpiest rides based on a report that analyzed the turbulence levels of 150,000 airline routes from travel tool Turbli. The report calculates the turbulence levels by assigning each route an “eddy dissipation rate,” which is scientific for the level of turbulence intensity.

Airport Service Workers Demand Legislators Take Action on FAA Issues and Jobs | Travel | Travel Pulse

As members of Congress returned to work last week, airport service workers from more than 15 airports called out the worsening state of U.S. air travel and demanded legislators take action in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization to fix the issues impacting workers and travelers alike. Workers at 16 airports across the country also spoke directly with travelers within the past week.

Young Travelers Are Increasingly Interested in Sustainable Travel | Travel | Travel Pulse

Twelve percent of travelers were concerned with sustainability certification; 11 percent with resource management; 11 percent with sustainable resources and another 11 percent with social factors. The largest group of sustainability-minded travelers is Millennials, those that were born in the early 1980s through the late-1990s.

10 Sustainable Travel Destinations to Visit in 2024 | Travel | BBC

With huge numbers of travelers now seeking to travel more lightly and mindfully, these destinations are making sustainable travel easier this year.

Central Asia’s Glittering New Silk Road Jewel | Travel | BBC

Samarkand was a major Silk Road trading hub for more than 2,500 years. Now, the Uzbek city has a major new tourism complex, which it hopes will reflect its former glories.

Waqra Pukará: Peru’s Mysterious ‘Horned Fortress’ | Travel | BBC

With January 2024 seeing the start of even bigger crowds at Machu Picchu, savvy travelers may be wise to head to the stunning edifice that barely anyone has heard of: Waqra Pukará.

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