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Nebraska’s Coaching Connections, Polynesian Bowl, MBB Woes and Much More

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I realize that the title for this looks like it belongs on the daily Flakes. Lots going on.

Dylan Raiola is not the only future Husker who participated in the Polynesian Bowl, which perplexes me entirely because I thought you had to have Polynesian heritage to play in the game. But looking over the participants, that is NOT the case (looking at you, middle America’s Carter Nelson). And with all the worries about long snapper, is there one to be found playing among future Huskers in Hawai’i?

After topping the number one team in the land, the Husker MBB team has slipped slightly, losing road contests to Iowa and Rutgers, with the loss to the Scarlet Knights coming in overtime. That is not how you follow up the biggest win in over forty years, and it’s not helping to make the case for a tournament bid. Sorry, it’s just not.

And Minnie’s been working up a chart that shows how Matt Rhule’s staff is comprised of people he largely knowns and has worked with in the past, including new quarterback coach Glenn Thomas.

And we’re curious, so consider this an unofficial fan poll. What restrictions, if any, do you place on the “once a Huskers, always a Husker” title we tend to bestow on our Nebraska student athletes? Are they always a Husker simply because they ran out of the tunnel on Memorial Stadium? Or does that go away is they transfer elsewhere? Leave your answer in the comments.

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