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Husker Updates - All Them Football Transfers, Wrestling, MBB, WBB - Huskerpalooza

Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We moved the show to Tuesday as Todd and I both had other engagements last evening.

It was a wide-ranging show and we covered quite an array of topics.

Believe it or not, we started with Iowa because of all the coaching changes that have gone on, I noticed one thing that’s going on with Iowa.

They haven’t hired an offensive coordinator. A revelation hit me that they haven’t hired an offensive coordinator because nobody wants to be Kirk Ferentz’ offensive coordinator. They don’t want to end their career because if you go to Iowa, you’re going to have to do whatever Kirk says and whatever Kirk says is not going to be a good offense. You’re not going to be able to, let’s say, go from a position group coach to a coordinator and then have anyone else hire you.

So in a way, you could look at this and say Brian Ferentz’ was actually just used by his dad to suck up his career and destroy it and keep him from going any further.

Any arguments on that?

We discussed Husker men’s basketball.

We discussed Husker wrestling and their loss to Iowa and why we lost to Iowa.

We discussed the Husker volleyball team with the players leaving and players coming.

We even discussed the NFL and how the Packers destroying the Dallas Cowboys was possibly one of the greatest NFL games I’ve ever seen.

There was a lot of discussion because we have a really good community and the people ask a lot of questions and drive a lot of the conversation. And that’s really what it’s about on Monday night or Tuesday night or whatever night we’re going to have this.

Both Todd and I expressed our frustration at the fact that there is so much hype again already for Dylan Raiola coming to campus and all of the off-season hype and it gets to be too much when we’ve done the same thing for years now, which is over-hype our team and then be disappointed at the outcome. Whereas we would be better off to just downplay it a little bit and then be happy with what we got in the fall.