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Nebraska Football: Matt Rhule Hires a Quarterback Coach - Satterfield to Stay OC and Coach Tight Ends

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska football staff now looks closer to what Matt Rhule envisioned when he took the job almost 12 months ago. He was hoping to have Marcus Satterfield as the Offensive Coordinator and Tight Ends coach and then have another assistant be the Quarterback’s coach.

That didn’t happen in 2023 but it looks like that is exactly what we will see in 2024 as it is being announced that Nebraska is hiring Glenn Thomas to be the quarterback’s coach. First reported by Mitch Sherman of The Athletic.

According to the Pittsburgh Steeler’s website he was an “offensive assistant” for the Steeler’s whose season just ended yesterday in the playoffs.

Not a surprise that Glenn Thomas has previous experience with Matt Rhule. He coached quarterbacks for Matt Rhule at Temple and was an Offensive Coordinator at Temple for Rhule as well. Thomas followed Rhule to Baylor where he was the Quarterback’s coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator at Baylor.

When Rhule went to the NFL, Glenn Thomas replaced Danny Langsdorf at UNLV as the Passing Game Coordinator. He then went on to Arizona State in 2021 before he left to go to the NFL.