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Film Review of New Husker Receiver Jahmal Banks

What is Nebraska Getting in the Wake Forest Receiver

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Nebraska has talent at receiver, but it’s young. Knowing that they needed a veteran went hard after Ohio State’s Julian Fleming but his decision to go to Penn State forced the Huskers to go to plan B.

That plan B just so happens to be Jahmal Banks who committed to the Huskers on Thursday. But what are the Huskers getting in the Wake Forest Transfer?

What Banks Give the Huskers

The Huskers have plenty of speed and playmaking in Malachi Coleman, Jaylen Lloyd and Wyoming/Texas transfer Isaiah Neyor. What they don’t have is a physical possession receiver.

Banks isn’t going to blow you away with his speed and quickness. But what he can do is help move the chains. Expect Banks to work the intermediate routes giving Dylan Raiola a big body to throw the ball to.

Because of he lacks the quickness and speed to create separation, Banks understands how to use his body to shield defenders to give him room to make catches. He also displays the body control to go up and high point the ball while also adjusting to off target throws.

For a complete breakdown of Jahmal Banks, check out the video below

Jahmal Banks isn’t going to wow you at first viewing, but we know that teams like Michigan and Notre Dame really wanted Banks. His ability to win contested catches and help keep drives alive will be beneficial for freshman quarterback Dylan Raiola.