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How Many #1 Players From Each State Are in the 2024 Nebraska Recruiting Class?


Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

December 2022, when Coach Rhule introduced fans to #24ours, as a fan I thought nice theme and I didn’t give it much thought after that. However, with that simple little hashtag, Coach Rhule was proclaiming a statement for our future. Who can forget the overwhelming excitement we felt when Rhule signed Nebraskas #1 WR Malachai Coleman?

We should have known that was just the tip of the iceberg with his vision of making Nebraska “Elite”.

So, would you be surprised to find out that Nebraska signed 12 players ranked #1 for their position in their state for the 2024 recruiting season? That’s right, these players are the best in their state at what they do. The trajectory of Cornhusker football depends on players with experience in being winners, leaders and champions.

What does it mean to be the best at something?

Not to get too deep and philosophical but for a guide I’d like to define being the best as ‘giving your all into what you love to do, every single day’. I think we can all agree that Coach Rhule has indeed created a culture of being the best. Not necessarily as a perfection goal because there is always more work to do.. but a daily goal because that is the foundation Nebraska football needs.

Building that strong foundation to a winning football team, you need players that are ‘Leaders among men’ that know how to ‘embrace the suck’ because ‘when shit gets hard, I hope they can’t fracture us’. Players that know ‘you get on the field because you’ve mastered your craft’ and ‘everybody’s competing to move up’-yes these are all Coach Rhule quotes from the 2023 season..

Isn’t it nice to know we have these proven elite leaders as OOU (one of us)?

  • Carter Nelson #1 TE in Nebraska
  • Daniel Kaelin #1 QB in Nebraska
  • Dae’vonn Hall #1 WR in Nebraska
  • Ashton Murphy #1 DL in Nebraska
  • Caleb Benning #1 Athlete in Nebraska
  • Grant Brix #1 OT in Iowa
  • Quinn Clark #1 WR in Montana
  • Nico Ottomanelli #1 Kicker in N.J.
  • Kamdyn Koch #1 Punter in Maryland
  • Xander Ruggeroli #1 OT in Nevada
  • Preston Taumua #1 OL in Hawaii
  • Dylan Raiola #1 QB in Georgia

There is 1 spring game, 12 regular season games, 1 bowl game, 1 national championship game and 1 off season game for us lucky fans.

I think it’s safe to say Nebraska is currently 1-0. Thank you to Coach Rhule and all the staff who made a claim to #24ours.

Go Big Red!