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Monday Night Therapy: It’s 2024! Welcome To A Whole New World!

It’s 2024!!!

An entire new beginning. Out with the old, in with the new!

What will 2024 be like?

First of all, I made the prediction that 2024 will be the most interesting year of all of our lives.

Todd and I discussed:

  • Todd’s boycott of bowl and CFB Playoff games
  • the bowl games and playoff games to that point
  • that Ohio State fans want Ryan Day fired
  • that the Orange bowl sucked a LOT
  • where college football might be headed in the future
  • Todd did some ranty bits about these damned kids these days making commitments and sticking with them and BY GOD if they didn’t play in the game they sure as hell shouldn’t be on the sideline because THEY QUIT ON THEIR TEAM.
  • Short discussion about the basketball team being 10-2, then being corrected by one of our community members that they are in fact 11-2.


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