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SBN Reacts: How Do Nebraska Fans Feel about the Colorado Game?

Texas Christian University vs University of Colorado Set Number: X164412 TK1

Earlier this week I had the SBN Reacts folks send out a survey that included questions specific to Nebraska to ask along with some national questions.

Following are the answers from the surveys, including one national survey question which we will include first:

At least Clemson and Baylor did us the favor of sucking more than Nebraska did. I’m sure there were other teams who played poorly, but escaped the national eye (LSU, maybe, although they played a pretty good and ranked FSU team).

Next up, a question which is the same I asked in early August.

In early August, the responses were as follows:

  • 7 to 9 wins - 47%
  • 6-6 - 34%
  • Fewer than 6 wins - 14%
  • 10-2 or better - 5%

I’ll let you draw conclusions in the comments on that one.

The majority of fans think Colorado will win - 52% - but it’s a matter of by how much.

Who do Nebraskans think will be the leading rushing against Colorado?

Gabe Ervin gets edged out by Jeff Sims. Is this because of our lack of faith in the coaches in giving our running backs the ball, or that we hope Sims runs the damned ball instead of throwing it?

Will Jeff Sims throw an interception against Colorado?

Is this a fair question?

Well, I had it asked because I wanted to know how my Husker fans were feeling about Sims.

Turns out, not just bad but terrible. 88% of you expect Sims to throw an interception against the Buffaloes. I get it. His interceptions cost Nebraska the Minnesota game, and the one in end zone was a particularly bad decision.

In video form:

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