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Five Heart Podcast 343: Tuesday Night Special - Nebraska Beats Self and Has Red Hot Colorado Next

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Well, clearly the Matt Rhule Era did not begin the way Matt Rhule, his staff, the Huskers, or Husker Nation had hoped. If you missed the Corn Nation Over Reaction episode, you can get it here.

• Corn Nation Over Reaction Podcast: Br...

This week on the Five Heart Podcast on a Special Night because of a Chiefs game on Thursday, Jon and Greg are joined by a recently returned Hoss Reuter. Hoss has thoughts. He has notes. And like Greg, he has optimism.

Plus, we’ll hear about Jon’s in-stadium experience being in the belly of the beast last week for the game against Minnesota.

And we look forward to Colorado, a team that came in with a ton of hype and apparently answered the call, winning on the road against a Top 20 TCU squad. Coach Prime kept receipts. But we’ll find out this weekend if he actually listens to the Five Heart Podcast.