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Nebraska Football’s Players Of The Game - Minnesota

The final score against Minnesota was nausea-inducing. However, there were two players who displayed lots of promise.

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images


The offensive performance against Minnesota was downright offensive. The OL looked overpowered for much of the game. The receivers looked like they belonged at UNK, not UNL. Jeff Sims looked like mobile Andrew Bunch out there. I’m sure the kids have been ripped enough already, so I’m just gonna move in a positive direction:

THE DEFENSE!!!!! The boys came out firing on all cylinders! The front 7 came out hungry like a famine-stricken subsistence farmer! The secondary was swarming like mosquitoes in Key Largo! The Blackshirts played with an urgency that hasn’t been seen in a decade maybe.

There were two players on that side of the ball that I wanted to give props to.

Omar Brown

Boy, did Omar have himself a GAME! The young man was all over the field like an indecisive bachelor. He played with toughness, swagger & moxie that I haven’t seen from a Husker safety since we were in the Big 12. I was enamored with his play & am anxious to see him continue this performance throughout the rest of the season.

Nash Hutmacher

Way back in 2019 when we first recruited this elite wrestler from South Dakota, I remember thinking, “this kid has all the makings of a B1G trench bully!” Unfortunately, injuries + a bad DC hindered Nash’s development early on. He’s finally been handed the keys to the nose tackle job in 2023, and he played like a bull in a china shop! Just like Omar Brown, I’m excited to see him keep up the momentum throughout the rest of the season.

I look forward to seeing guys excel this Saturday in Boulder! As always, Go Big Red!