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Big Ten Rankings - Week 1

Some if it was fun. Some of it was meh. All in all, it was college football

Ohio State v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

College football is now “officially” underway across America. There was a little movement in this weeks rankings. Conference losses with do that to a team. As for the others, most of what happened was expected.

1. Michigan (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat East Carolina 30-3

  • Last week #1
  • No Harbaugh meant nothing for the Maize & Blue as they took care of business against East Carolina. I hope he had a cheeseburger at halftime.

2. Ohio State (1-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Indiana 23-3

  • Last week #2
  • I tried to watch this game. I really did. It was boring. On both sides of the ball. OSU looked like they were going through the motions to get out of Bloomington before happy hour in Columbus was over.

3. Penn State (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat West Virginia 38-13

  • Last week #3
  • This is James Franklin’s year, right? This is the year he breaks through and makes the college football playoffs? They didn’t have much issue with West Virginia but the Mountaineers have issues of their own. I don’t expect much from this weeks opponent, Delaware.

4. Wisconsin (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Buffalo 38-17

  • Last week #4
  • Air Raid came to Madison will little problem so far. They did what they should have done to Buffalo. Bucky now heads to Wazzu this week for what should be a fun matchup.

5. Maryland (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Townson 38-6

  • The Terps did their job against a lesser opponent. Mike has this team humming so far. Maybe, just maybe they can pick off some of the traditional powers in the East this year?

6. Minnesota (1-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Nebraska 13-10

  • Last week #6
  • It wasn’t a pretty game but Minnesota pulled off the win in the end. Are they good? Hard to tell this early. PJ seems to have teams that get better as the season moves along.

7. Iowa (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Utah State 24-14

  • Last week #7
  • Fourteen straight points and then barely anything after that for the “Save Brian Ferentz Job” tour. You need more points kid, you need more.

8. Michigan State (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Central Michigan 31-7

  • Last week #9
  • Sparty, you’re 1-0. You beat a directional state school. Let’s make it 2-0 as you battle Richmond this weekend.

9. Illinois (1-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Toledo 30-28

  • Last week #8
  • Bret, this was way closer than it should have been. For awhile, most of us thought this was going to be Toledo’s win. You know the 2022 MAC champions? Yeah, that team of Rockets. That allows MSU to jump you one spot.

10. Rutgers (1-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Northwestern 24-7

  • Last week #12
  • Congrats, you beat the worst team in the conference. But hey, a wins a win. That’s better than the rest of the teams on this list. Now, go do the same to Temple.

11. Nebraska (0-1 Overall 0-1 Conference) Lost to Minnesota 10-13

  • Last week #10
  • This was Nebraska’s to win. It’s early and we do have a new staff with a lot of new players. It takes awhile for things to gel. Sims will have games where he is on and off. I would just expect it. Now, can they get the Colorado hype train out of their heads for this weeks game?

12. Purdue (0-1 Overall 0-0 Conference) Lost to Fresno State 35-39

  • Last week #11
  • Purdue has a new coach and they went up against the 2022 Mountain West Champion. Fresno State is usually a solid program. It’s not a loss they want, but it’s one that is understandable. Learn from it.

13. Indiana (0-1 Overall 0-1 Conference) Lost to Ohio State 3-23

  • Last week #13
  • How do you lose and not drop further than you already were? Be in the same conference as Northwestern.

14. Northwestern 0-1 Overall 0-1 Conference) Lost to Rutgers 7-24

  • Last week #14
  • It’s going to be a long season, Northwestern. Godspeed....
West Virginia v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images
West Virginia v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images