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Instant Reaction to Michigan’s 45-7 Utter Domination of Nebraska

Stephen Bruce

Michigan wrecks Nebraska 45—7 in a game where our beloved Huskers were barely competitive.

It was a disappointing and horrible game.

There was little fire from Nebraska throughout the game. The Huskers have started the last two games with little fire, but the opponents were weak enough to overcome. What we got against Michigan was playing a team that doesn’t have a weakness, or at least none that Nebraska could exploit.

I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about a lack of “offensive identity” this week. You normally build an identity around something you do well.

Can you tell me any one thing that Nebraska does well on offense (besides the obvious of turning the ball over and committing stupid penalties) that you would build the identity around?

There is a serious lack of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball and if you’ll excuse me, the defense didn’t exactly look like they were ready to play today.

This one is done.

Let’s move on to Illinois.

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