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Five Heart Podcast 346: Memorial Stadium To Get A Makeover; Then There’s That Michigan Game

Stephen Bruce

In this episode of the Five Heart Podcast, Greg and I cover the latest news, and the upcoming Michigan game. We get a LOT of help from the online commenters, the Chatterfields.

The University of Nebraska and our beloved overlord Trev Alberts announced a $450M renovation to begin after the 2024 season and complete just before the 2026 season.

There are going to be tons of updates:

  • Less seating, but better seating.
  • A better place for the students.
  • More and better concessions.
  • Modernized restrooms.

There’s a long list.

Then there’s #2 Michigan coming to town. They have an offense. They have a defense. They have a host of guys targeted to go in the NFL draft next year.

How can Nebraska beat them?

How can our beloved Huskers keep it close?


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