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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Michigan

This is the upset Husker fans have been waiting for!

Louisiana Tech v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Two in a row! Woooo! The Huskers and I are both on a roll.

Nebraska faces the toughest test of the season as #2 Michigan comes to town. I know that sounds intimidating to some, but it’s not like they’re #1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Husker fans are going to be storming the field after this victory.

Here are your five reasons why:


Nebraska has started a new tradition this season, it’s not losing a home game. The Huskers are currently 2-0 in Memorial Stadium and with the lucky charm that the Nebraska volleyball team put on the field they are going to stay that way.

Anyone who knows anything about magical forces knows it’s true. The volleyball team was the first to play in Memorial Stadium this year and they won, so now obviously the football team will win at home all year as well. It’s basic superstitious science.


Nebraska is the #1 rushing offense in the B1G, averaging 234.8 yards per game. The Huskers are going to find some places to break free and we are going to see some more long runs like this:

It doesn’t matter that Michigan is the #2 rushing defense in the B1G, let’s just option them.


Oh so Michigan is the #2 rushing defense in the conference? Well, do you know who is #1? That’s right, it’s none other than the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I’m willing to bet that Nebraska has never been #1 on both rushing offense and defense ever since joining the B1G 10 conference.

But anyway, the rushing defense is going to shut down Michigan’s rush game and force them to try to make it happen through the air.

This brings me to reason number 4.


While the defense has been light on interceptions thus far in the season, only recording three, this is going to be the game that we see them. Quinton Newsome and Malcolm Hartzog are getting tired of the almost interceptions. They are ready to step up in a big game and make the big plays.


Michigan is 4-0. That is so unlucky for them. Everyone knows that the number five is an unlucky number for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. It goes all the way back to his playing days and it has followed him throughout his career. It’s true look it up. (Or maybe don’t.)

Five is just the worst. I almost feel sorry for ole Jim.

Be ready to celebrate a Husker win tomorrow!

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