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Nebraska Football: Kewan Lacy Is Our Most Important Recruit, At A Position Of Extreme Need

Please God, let this kid stick with his Nebraska commitment!

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Unless you are stranded on a desolate atoll in the South Pacific Ocean surviving off of roasted taro & feral chickens, you have heard that both Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson are out for the season with injury. Our remaining scholarship backs are Anthony Grant, Emmett Johnson and Kwinten Ives. This situation is dire. We are an injury away from having to play Maurice Mazzcua.

Things may look dreary for the running back room in 2023. However, in my opinion, we have the best RB in the entire country committed to us for the class of 2024. Kewan Lacy is HAVING HIS WAY in the state of Texas for his senior year. There is not a defense yet that can has proven that they can stop him. Lancaster High is big boy football that plays arguably the best competition in America. When you factor that in, that is my reasoning for referring to Kewan Lacy as the best running back in the country.

What worries me, however, is this: our offense absolutely stunk the first two games. It got a little better against Northern Illinois & Louisiana Tech, but those are Group of 5 schools that didn’t even have good defenses in the first place. Best believe all of the top programs in college football are circling like bloodthirsty sharks ready to flip Kewan. That is a guarantee. Can our offense play inspired enough to keep Kewan in the boat? I’m not 100% sure, but I’m sure Kewan has to know he can play immediately next year. Let’s hope he relishes the opportunity and sticks with the Huskers.

Thanks for reading guys! As always, Go Big Red!