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THE 24 HOUR RULE: For Huskers Football, Now The Real Pain Begins

And the time for patience begins as well. There is a road map to a bowl game. It just may not feel that way after Saturday.

Louisiana Tech v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

At least that’s the way it might feel Saturday evening. If bookies are to be believed, the final score won’t sound that bad, they’re saying 28 or 29 to 10 or so. Some respect for our defense, not so much for the offense.

However, a loss to the Wolverines will not be the end of the world. And they actually will play the game, so let’s not chalk up a loss until it becomes reality.

But if another “L” becomes the reality, the Sunday morning emotion should be patience. And, believe me, I know we all feel like we’ve exhausted that supply, but there are good things going on. See below.


Oh, Tink Tink, is it only fun when you’re dishing it out - like before the game on the field when Buffy smack talk was off the charts? (Looks at pics of empty stadium for the last 18 or so years) Guess so. Some people get so upset when their bandwagon blows a wooden wheel.

Response from the rest of us?

College Football of America thanks you for your service, sir.

(As always, don’t also forget everything has been EXTREMELY PERSONAL.)


So Michigan is coming to town. When that happened two years ago, we almost came away with a win against an eventual CFP participant. They weren’t unbeatable then and they’re not unbeatable now.

The good news: their offense hasn’t exactly been lighting up the scoreboard against weaker competition. That is due, in part, to the new clock rules which were put in place to double the number of ads run during games - and the fact the Wolverines like to pound the rock behind what is one of the country’s elite offensive lines. The Blackshirts will hard pressed to keep that opponents’ YPC under 3.0 again, but you can bet the Polar Bear will try.

Nash Hutmacher could potentially be playing for a few million bucks this Saturday if he can keep his current pace up against a top tier team.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 09 Nebraska at Colorado Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The bad news: Michigan will probably want to open Big 10 play with a statement even if it is poor ol’ Nebraska.

To have a chance, the Huskers will:

1) have to play a mistake-free game - not exactly their calling card these days, but now would be a great time to start;
2) control Michigan’s running game and hold it significantly under their 5YPC average;
3) do the same with the passing game - JJ McCarthy cannot be allowed to complete 80% of his passes and keep finding Roman Wilson in the end zone as he’s been doing;
4) sounds obvious but winning the turnover battle is a must Saturday - it just is;
5) whether it’s Haarberg, Grant, Fidone or whoever, the offense must pop a few big plays - something that happened 2 years ago but not at all last season.

Easy, right? Nope, damned difficult, these guys we’re playing aren’t #2 for nothing - but no one is looking unbeatable this season. JJ got picked off three times by Bowling Green who couldn’t cash those lotto tickets. Why not us?


  • The offensive line is improving. OK, it’s mostly just in the run game right now, but when’s the last time we’ve had the better O-line in four straight games? Right? Granted, the pass protection needs a great deal of work and we’re really missing Teddy P, but let’s enjoy the upgrade.
  • Heinrich Haarberg can play and, hey, the kid has some attitude. He stuck it out and is running (literally) with his shot. Yes, the passing needs some fine tuning, but the kid has a cannon and is throwing it away instead of risking picks. He’ll start firing some of those in there as his confidence grows.
  • It only makes sense to start Haarberg against Michigan, but don’t sleep on Sims just yet. He will be needed plenty when that ankle heals - which it didn’t look like it’s done yet against La Tech.
  • Nice to have an Anthony Grant as your #3 RB. Just the same, keep Kewan Lacy’s commitment locked down and keep hitting the recruiting trail. Some more receivers too, please.
  • Tom Fidone has finally been discovered running open - and it took his roommate do so.
  • True, their biggest test perhaps all season is coming Saturday, but that 3-3-5 seems to be winning over critics so far, yes?
  • Props to the Bullocks who wasted zero time earning their scholarships. Alex is among the receiving leaders and has been around for a couple of big plays. And John is 2nd on the team in tackles and playing as many snaps as anyone - by the way, who saw this coming a couple years ago? This guy - CLICK HERE and scroll down a little. (Let me have this, I’ve also said things like Marquise Stepp will be our starting I-back after a spring game.)
  • Enjoy Saturday for better or worse. I’m gonna try a No Cursing At The Refs For A Day. ‍♂️ Wish me luck and GBR.

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