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Nebraska Football: Players Of The Game - Louisiana Tech

These stars shined brightest against the Bulldogs!

Louisiana Tech v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

BOOM! Fresh off the heels of a 28-14 victory over the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, Nebraska readies itself for the toughest game of the season as we face the #2 Michigan Wolverines in Memorial Saturday afternoon. Before we move towards that game, I’d like to reflect on two players I feel deserve recognition for their performances against La Tech.

Nash Hutmacher

This is an evergreen selection at this point. Nash is playing like the best nose tackle in America right now. It hurts that this defensive front is being wasted with this putrid offense. Nash was such a nightmare for the Bulldogs that after a while, they simply stopped running the ball & tried screen passes. We currently lead the nation in run defense, allowing only 46.2 rushing yards per game. Michigan is our biggest test of the season, and their offense is built around pounding the ball down the opposition’s throat. Nash can earn himself millions of dollars on Saturday against the Maize and Blue.

DeShon Singleton

I’m really sitting here thinking about the last time we had a safety duo this dominant. Brown and Singleton are playing like draft picks. Peep the above play. Not only did DeShon blow up the ball carrier, La Tech had the numbers advantage, we only had 10 men on the field! I am very, very pleased with how Evan Cooper has molded Singleton and how Tony White has turned our defense into a fish tank full of bloodthirsty piranhas. I’m excited to see what Singleton and the rest of our defense does against JJ McCarthy and TTUN!

Thanks for reading guys! GBR!