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Photo Gallery: Nebraska vs Louisiana Tech

Stephen Bruce

Corn Nation was happy to have photographer Stephen Bruce on the sidelines for this past week’s game against Louisiana Tech.

There are a lot of photos here, a lot of very good photos, such as Anthony Grant stretching for a touchdown in the main photo on this article. There’s some great shots of Heinrich Haarberg off on his long runs, and Thomas Fidone getting some pass receptions.

SB Nation has contracts with USA Today and Getty Images to provide us with photos of the major sports, but there are never photos of offensive lineman. As you know, Nebraskans love their offensive linemen more than any other fan base, and it’s nice to have some photos of our own.

We’re also missing photos of assistant coaches, so here we pick up some shots of coaches you don’t normally see. I also requested updated photos of cheerleaders (who doesn’t like cheerleaders) and mascots (who doesn’t like mascots, except those of you who wrongly chose to hate on Lil Red).