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Instant Reaction to Nebraska 28-14 Win Over Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Was this an impressive game?


Was it a win?


There are some positives to take away, the biggest being the fact that Heinrich Haarberg can not only run, but he can outrun. It was impressive that he was able to outrun defensive backs to the end zone on not one, but two long options runs. Unfortunately one was called back because the officials decided they were going to use up their quota of holding calls all in the one game.

The team looked flat. They didn’t look like they played with a lot of enthusiasm. In the first half. In the second half, they played much better until the weather delay. Suddenly they were pedestrian on offense, and vulnerable on defense.

One thing to note - there was never a point in this game at which it looked like Louisiana Tech would take over the game and win. Never. That’s a positive.

If you’re of the mind that after watching this game, Nebraska won’t make a bowl game, it’s clear you haven’t watched the rest of our opponents play football. Michigan will be daunting, and if our offensive line comes out against the Wolverines like they did today, we will get destroyed. If we can continue to straighten some of this out, we’ll get to a bowl game.