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SBN Reacts: Starting QB, Anthony Grant’s Health and can Nebraska make a bowl game?

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s poll is a day late because.... I didn’t get the stuff until this morning.

So here’s your poll this week, starting with the obvious question that’s already been answered.

Heinrich Haarberg will start against Louisiana Tech. We found this out this morning on twitter, although, hey, maybe it’s a lark. I’d still like to see Jeff Sims start to see what he can do because we are going to need both quarterbacks this season.

Notice the “AND” in the question below.

Get 1,000 yards AND stay healthy. I will count myself as a person that says “Yes, he’ll do bot this season”, perhaps to go against the grain, or as wishful thinking.

This is a healthy majority of Nebraska fans. That’s a healthy outlook on the season.

Next we have two national poll questions.

I would have thought Iowa at Penn State would rank higher, but perhaps not many people think much of Iowa football?

And the last survey answer I’ll put up this morning: