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Corn Nation Over Reaction Podcast: Breaking Down Nebraska’s Loss to Minnesota

What do you do when your biggest adversary is yourself?

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Nebraska’s loss to Minnesota continues to loom in every Husker fan’s mind. Why and how did the Huskers loss that game?

This is the first Corn Nation Over Reaction full episode in two years, or ever since Jon’s tree-side and bathroom videos became so popular.

This week, Hoss Freakin’ Reuter is back as he and Greg discuss Nebraska’s 13-10 season opening loss to at Minnesota. What went wrong? What went right? And who is to blame?

Hear the guys break down offense and defense, as only Hoss can do. Hoss has an excellent football mind, especially when it comes to examining X’s and O’s.

We get caught up on what has been going on with Hoss in the last year or so.

The duo breaks down all of the controversy, from Gabe Ervin Jr’s near touchdown to Minnesota’s game-tying score late. Are we panicking? Can the mistakes be cleaned up?

What do you do when your biggest adversary is yourself?