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Monday Night Therapy: The Good News, Bad News Cornhuskers

This Monday Night Therapy episode was a mixed bag.

Nebraska played excellent football (or as well as we’ve seen for a while) against Northern Illinois in a 35-11 victory. There is plenty of discussion and comments about the game, including how much fun it was (for me) to not freak out every time the offense snapped the ball.

Did you know Heinrich Haarberg’s nickname is “H”??

That does not sound like a nickname.

There’s plenty of discussion about whether Jeff Sims should start Saturday’s game against Louisiana Tech. Todd says, yes, that Sims should start. He doesn’t necessarily defend Sims, but he tells us what he believes is going to happen.

Unfortunately, the news today is that running backs Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson are out for the season, along with defensive back Dwight Bootle.

This leads to a lot of discussion about the running back room, including whether Jeff Sims should be moved to running back. That answer is a resounding “NO” because we’ll still need healthy quarterbacks to get through this season.


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