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Big Ten Conference Football Rankings - Week 3

No movement at the top but there was some shuffling at the bottom

Virginia Tech v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Welcome back to the Big Ten Football rankings! We missed you.

This week, we have no movement at the top. In fact, the top seems pretty solid right now. That’s what the Big Ten East will bring you. The best teams in the conference.

In the bottom, there has been movement. Well, more of a shuffling. I imagine this will probably continue until the top teams start playing each other.

1. Michigan (3-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Bowling Green 31-7

  • Last Week #1 - No move
  • Coach Harbaugh is back this next game. Looks like the cheeseburger was worth it.

2. Ohio State (3-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Western Kentucky 63-10

  • Last Week #2 - No move
  • Ouch, poor Big Red.

3. Penn State (3-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Illinois 30-13

  • Last Week #3 - No move
  • Well, Illinois didn’t do much for ya. You get Iowa this week. Maybe, this is a snakebite game? My gut tells me this is not the year for Iowa to win so I’m going with a no.

4. Maryland (3-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Virginia 42-14

  • Last Week #4 - No Move
  • Looking at the four teams above you, it’s okay to win and not move. This is a Big Ten East world we are living in right now.

5. Iowa (3-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Western Michigan 41-10

  • Last week #6 - Moved up one spot
  • Nice job giving Brian Ferentz a lifeline at the end of the game.

6. Rutgers (3-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Virginia Tech 35-16

  • Last Week #8 - Moved up two spots
  • Rutgers is 3-0. I repeat, Rutgers is 3-0.

7. Wisconsin (2-1 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Georgia Southern 35-14

  • Last Week #8 - Moved up one spot
  • Nice bounce back game. Are you probably better than Rutgers? I’m going to assume so but they have done nothing for them to lose their place in the pecking order. Let them enjoy it.

8. Minnesota (2-1 Overall 1-0 Conference) Lost to North Carolina 13-31

  • Last week #5 - Dropped three spots
  • North Carolina might be good. They might also be bad? idk...

9. Illinois (1-2 Overall 0-0 Conference) Lost to Penn State 13-30

  • Last week #10 - Dropped one spot
  • I have no clue what to make of the Illini at this moment. Ask me in a week.

10. Nebraska (1-2 Overall 0-1 Conference) Beat Northern Illinois 35-11

  • Last Week #14 - Moved up four spots.
  • The bottom of the conference is rough. They moved up four because everyone else below them lost and stinks. That, and this is a Nebraska site.

11. Michigan State (2-1 Overall 0-0 Conference) Lost to Washington 7-41

  • Last Week #7 - Dropped four spots
  • Future conference mates Washington did Sparty zero favors.

12. Purdue (1-2 Overall 0-0 Conference) Lost to Syracuse 20-35

  • Last week #11 - Dropped one spot
  • Trains are fun. Especially when they run off the tracks.

13. Indiana (1-2 Overall 0-1 Conference) Lost to Louisville 14-21

  • Last week #12 - Dropped one spot
  • You just lost to the old Purdue coach.

14. Northwestern (1-2 Overall 0-1 Conference) Lost to Duke 38-14

  • Last Week #13 - Dropped one spot
  • Once again, they lost the battle of the smart kids.
Duke v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images