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Corn Nation Over Reaction: Huskers Take Care of Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This week on Corn Nation’s Over Reaction, Greg and Hoss had a tougher opponent in stable internet connection than the Huskers had in the Huskies if Northern Illinois.

Nebraska wins 35-11, but really the starting defense only gave up three points, and that was the offense’s fault. So, a solid showing by the defense.

Hoss says the offensive line is getting better, and as some of the linemen heal up, offers an ideal lineup that could be an improvement.

Greg dropped out of the show accidentally and it became a struggle to keep the show going. but Hoss was able to give his thoughts on Heinrich Haarberg. Basically, the job [should be] his until he no longer deserves it.

Enjoy the show. It’s late and I am tired.