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Monday Flakes: Celebrating a Winning Weekend for the Huskers

Plus, we have a town flooded with wine and some friends who “took over” a hotel for a shift

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NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good weekend for Husker football and a really good weekend for the volleyball team. Matt Rhule’s guys took care of an opponent they should have. No one is Husker Nation is under any delusions that we are “back” but it was a step in the right direction. We saw hard-hitting defense, an emphasis on the run game (perhaps too much emphasis on the QB run), and a drastic reduction in turnovers.

The volleyball team came out ahead in a hard-fought match against a ranked Kentucky team. The highlight of the match had to be a rally that lasted over a minute with Nebraska finally earning the point.

Kentucky challenged that ball was down at one point (Lexi’s pancake) but replay wasn’t clear enough to overturn it. Both teams deserved to win that point.

Corn Flakes

#4 Nebraska Volleyball Battles to Beat #21 Kentucky - Corn Nation
Nebraska dug deep for this win

Bahl debuts with the Huskers on both sides of the ball in intrasquad scrimmage
She may be playing for a new team, but the same dominating Jordy Bahl stepped into the pitcher’s circle Thursday night for the Scarlet team in the Huskers intrasquad scrimmage.

HUSKER PRESSER: QB Heinrich Haarberg emotional after first start, win
Nebraska QB Heinrich Haarberg discussed what it meant for him to start and win for the Huskers.

Fans from Scotland join the ‘sea of red’ for the first time
A couple from Scotland fell in love with the Huskers 50 years ago. Their friends from Lincoln, Nebraska invited them to cheer on the Huskers in Memorial Stadium for the first time.


Michigan State rebuilding after Mel Tucker suspension, Washington loss
The week for Michigan State saw its coach suspended and it was humbled by Washington, showing how big the rebuilding job will be.

WNBA playoffs: A’ja Wilson’s 38 points lead Aces to semifinals; Lynx force Game 3
Here’s how the Lynx won, what the Sun need to do in Game 3 and what (or who) makes the Aces most dangerous on their quest for a repeat title.

Reading That Makes You Smarter

(Not Guaranteed)

Why Historical Markers Matter | History | Smithsonian Magazine
Few realize that the approval process for these outdoor signs varies widely by state and organization, enabling unsanctioned displays to slip through

Wine floods town in Portugal after 600,000 gallons spilled from tanks
Two tanks owned by Levira Distillery released 600,000 gallons of red wine that reportedly flowed through the small town of São Lorenco de Bairro.

Benjamin Franklin’s 200+ Synonyms for ‘Drunk‘
“The Drinkers Dictionary,” published by Franklin in the ‘Pennsylvania Gazette’ in January 1737, features terms like ‘nimptopsical’ and ‘cherubimical’ as synonyms for ‘drunk.’

All these synonyms could come in handy if you find yourself in a town flooded with wine.

The Weekly Dump

When nature calls: Canadian wilderness area offers poop bags to fix fecal furore | Canada | The Guardian
Special bag dispensers will be installed after visitors to wild areas around Squamish, British Columbia, left more than footprints

Then There’s This

Friends visiting Nashville document hotel takeover on TikTok
Three friends go into a Nashville hotel after a late night of partying to find no employees. So, they decide to help out a little, or a lot.