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#4 Nebraska Volleyball Battles to Beat #21 Kentucky

Nebraska dug deep for this win

Nebraska 3 vs Kentucky 1 - 25-14. 25-22, 23-25, 25-21

Nebraska cruised through two sets with high powered offense and never quit defense. Nebraska was exceptional. Kentucky went to the locker room after two sets and came back with fire. They gave Nebraska about all they could handle. This Kentucky team is better than their 21 ranking.

These two teams played all out, go for everything, hit it harder than the last time mentality and made impressive efforts on both sides of the court. Sets three and four were highly competitive.

FACT: the average volleyball rally is six seconds. During set four there was a rally where the teams fought for 1 minute and 12 seconds. You train for 6-10 seconds, but these players kept playing. Harper Murray jumped over and over again. Andi Jackson ran on and off the net. Ultimately, Murray terminated the ball. It was amazing!

Once Kentucky started passing the ball in set three, they began running an offense that was hard to impossible to stop. Coach Cook said after the match “we got punched in the mouth and got back up”.

Reagan Rutherford had 19 kills and hit .374. She was the constant offensive presence for the Wildcats. Similarly, Merritt Beason, for Nebraska was a constant. She had 17 kills and hit .438. She was matched in kills by Murray with 17.

Ally Batenhorst played left side for the injured Lindsay Krausetonight. Batenhorst had 12 kills and hit .281. She was best when the play in scramble and the team needed the kill. She accelerates to the ball very well and produced magnificent kills.

Lexi Rodriguez was pivotal to the win. She dug everything within 10 feet of her and chased down balls to continue the rally. Her contribution to this team is huge. She is a defensive rock.

Nebraska returns to Devaney to begin B1G play. They face Ohio State at 8 pm CT on Friday, September 22nd.