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Nebraska Football is playing the Sims

When healthy...

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth recently about who should be the starting quarterback going forward for Nebraska. Matt Rhule in a press conference earlier this week had an answer. As long as he is healthy, Rhule said he is playing...

Far be it from me to make those decisions, but I think I’m with many others currently who haven’t been overly impressed with the QB play. Nebraska has scored a meager 24 points on the season, 7 of which came late last week when it didn’t matter AND with a backup.

Including a possession that ended with a turnover on downs, Nebraska has given up 34 points from directly turning the ball over. That’s scoring an average of 12 points per game offensively while giving away 17 points per game offensively. Currently the Huskers are a minus-21 in point differential from the turnover battle just two weeks into the season. I mean the defense has been good, but that’s a bridge not even built little lone too far.

Sims may not be available for Northern Illinois, so it could be a matter of which backup QB is available. Heinrich Haarberg is listed as the number two quarterback, so I expect to see him if Sims can’t go. The Catholic High School of Kearney (Kearney Catholic) product finished out the game at Colorado and threw the late TD pass to Fidone. Haarberg finished 2 of 6 for 13 yards and the TD but didn’t look overly comfortable in the pocket. The offensive line needs to improve to give Haarberg the time to throw.

This hat, worn by “run the damn ball” guy will definitely be out in full force Saturday. The offense moved the ball pretty well on the ground and will look to keep going against Northern Illinois. I personally wouldn’t be too worried about Nebraska throwing the ball if Haarberg gets the start however, as he is used to working from the shotgun and throwing the ball around the yard from his high school days. He is also capable of running the ball, when necessary, which should keep the NIU defense honest.

All of this is moot if Sims is ready to go. Rhule has his guy for the season it seems and it’s time to get busy winning or get busy dying (or something like that).

Sims needs to improve, no one needs to tell him that. Fix/limit the mistakes and he is the best playmaker at the QB position. A new QB, new OC and a finally healthy O-Line will take time to become a cohesive unit, so be prepared for further growing pains as the season progresses. Go Big Red!