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nebraska football: players of the game - cu


Cricket Celebration Bowl Media Day Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

there’s no use in waiting. since i’m contractually obligated to write this article, i have no choice. here are your players of the game against colorado. grab your popcorn.

jeff sims

i know you guys are loading up your shotguns & trying to find my address, but hear me out. jeff’s pathetic performance against the cream puffs helped us realize two things. one, our offense is truly horrible, so it gives us a chance to trim the fat & see what works in our playbook and what doesn’t. two, it helps us rid our bodies of the toxins contained in the offseason kool-aid. we have a 10-2/11-1 type of defense but an 0-12 type of offense. rhule inherited a 4-8 team, and he might be worse because of the worst qb in college football, in conjunction with coaching malpractice on the offensive side of the ball. i saw a damning tweet that i can’t remember who tweeted so i can’t find it, but it basically said:

in the age of the transfer portal, if you have a terrible qb, that’s a sign of how bad your talent evaluation is.

i thank jeffrey sims for helping us realize who we really are.

cam lenhardt and mikai gbayor (tie)

man! both of these guys came out of the jungles and played like men possessed! i was always high on cam, and he also had a lot of preseason hype, so it is nice to see him live up to the expectations.

i was really high on mikai gbayor in the class of 2021. we beat out michigan state and kentucky for his commitment, two schools that know a thing or two about linebacker play. he dealt with injuries the last two seasons, so it feels like poetic justice for him to come back & have a great year. i look forward to seeing him continue to blossom.

thanks for reading guys. gbr.