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Monday Night Therapy: Fake Outrage! Disrespect! Nebraska vs Colorado Recap!

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Nebraska lost to Colorado 36-14. Or did they? Are we sure they didn’t lose to Nebraska 36-14? That seems more likely.

Then there’s the disrespect bit that Deion Sanders pulled, copied and pushed further by his son/quarterback/immature boob Shedeur. Todd wasn’t as bothered by it as I was, although he doesn’t like the “make up disrespect” method of motivation either. It bothered me because they slandered my head coach Matt Rhule.

There was plenty of discussion about Nebraska football. Around 300 commenters were online, and it was difficult to keep up with the comments. Plenty of questions were asked.

There were many questions about whether or not we thought Nebraska could still go bowling, and the answer is yes. Have you seen our opponents play?

Now - in order to do that, Matt Rhule has to figure out the offense and we must score at least 25 points per game from here on out. If we can’t do that, we’re not going bowling.

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