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Big Ten Conference Football Rankings - Week 2

Hey, there was finally some substantial movement this week!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 08 Illinois at Kansas Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The rankings have some shifting this week. No, not at the top. I don’t see that doing anything anytime soon.

I’m talking about the middle and the bottom. Major losses and one surprise win shuffled things around for a handful of teams in the conference.

Also, remember to not talk smack about an opponent. Or, don’t say something that could be twisted into talking smack to an opponent. That could turn into bulletin board material and then be used a against you.

Eh, whatever. Do what you want. Let’s just talk smack to everyone who we run into. How’s that?

I’m are this weeks conference rankings.

1. Michigan (2-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat UNLV 35-7

  • Last Week #1 - No move
  • Congrats on beating the casino team while your head coach plays chains crew.

2. Ohio State (2-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Youngstown State 35-7

  • Last Week #2 - No move
  • Gave a former head coach’s school a paycheck game. Good on you.

3. Penn State (2-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Delaware 63-7

  • Last Week #3 - No move
  • Hi, I’m from Delaware...

4. Maryland (2-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Charlotte 38-20

  • Last Week #5 - Moved up one spot
  • Mike Locksley, keep it up sir. Keep it up. Next week is winless Virginia where we might very well see the Terps at 3-0 when it’s all said and done.

5. Minnesota (2-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Eastern Michigan 25-6

  • Last week #6 - Moved up one spot
  • Eastern Michigan isn’t a great team but they’re salty. Nice win Gophers. Let’s see how you do this week against Mack Brown and his Tarheels. This will be your first road game of the year.

6. Iowa (2-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Iowa State 20-13

  • Last week #7 - Moved up one spot
  • I wonder if anyone gambled on this game?

7. Michigan State (2-0 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Richmond 45-14

  • Last Week #8 - Moved up one spot
  • Nice win, I’m not touching this one right now...

8. Rutgers (2-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) Beat Temple 36-7

  • Last Week #10 - Moved up two spots
  • Rutgers, you’ve moved up to #8! Congrats on being 2-0 and taking care of business against teams that you should beat. Good luck against a Virginia Tech team next week that has already lost to a Big Ten team. Make it two straight losses for the Hokies and you might just move up again.

9. Wisconsin (1-1 Overall 0-0 Conference) Lost to Washington State 31-22

  • Last Week #4 - Dropped five spots
  • You had one job. Beat one of the two remaining Pac-12 schools. That was it. Nope, not for you Bucky. Pick up your can of Cougar Gold and head back to Madison.

10. Illinois (1-1 Overall 0-0 Conference) Lost to Kansas 34-23

  • Last week #9 - Dropped one spot
  • Fun game. Sorry Bret, get a defense. It’s now time for a bounce back game (checks schedule....). Never mind, you play Penn State this week.

11. Purdue (1-1 Overall 0-0 Conference) Beat Virginia Tech 24-17

  • Last week #12 - Moved up one spot
  • No clue on this one. Both schools aren’t exactly good. However, I am feeling generous and those below you are a worse off.

12. Indiana (1-1 Overall 0-1 Conference) Beat Indiana State 41-7

  • Last week #13 - Moved up one spot
  • Good, you won. Bad, no one expects much more of you this year.

13. Northwestern (1-1 Overall 0-1 Conference) Beat UTEP 38-7

  • Last Week #14 - Moved up one spot
  • Honestly thought UTEP would win this game. NW, you have more wins that the team below you. Congrats!

14. Nebraska (0-2 Overall 0-1 Conference) Lost to Colorado 36-14

  • Last Week #11 - Dropped three spots.
  • Dude...
Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images