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The B1G West can still be won

No... seriously...

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I know...

Let the “surely you can’t be serious” crowd come out.

Think about it, who in this God forsaken hell hole of a division is truly dominant? The answer is nobody. Minnesota is currently leading the division at 2-0 overall but 1-0 in the division thanks to us gift-wrapping some early Xmas/last minute game gifts (10 points).

Iowa is currently 2-0 as well but as for the massive, alleged improvement it was supposed to get from the quarterback position the Hawkeyes haven’t exactly blown anyone out of the water. It does what it always does, beat you by creating turnovers and punting.

Illinois is lucky to be 1-1 considering it took a gutsy comeback win against raining MAC Champion Toledo in week one, while looking like a bad team last week against Kansas. Purdue has found itself better on the road against Va Tech then it did against Fresno St at home. Yes, Va Tech doesn’t play Beamer ball anymore, which is why they are bad.

Wisconsin looked like a balanced team against Buffalo in week one only to get beat by the former fighting Bill Moos’ last Saturday. Wisconsin throwing the football 40 times doesn’t seem like it will be a recipe for success quite yet, but time will tell. Then there is the “what the hell happened here” with Northwestern. Yes, they have a better record than Nebraska (I just threw up in my mouth a little), but they also sit 0-1 in conference play because of the opening dud at Rutgers.

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Which brings things to Nebraska. Last in the nation in turnover margin, first in the nation in sacks recorded. A team that has scored as many points in the first half as the ENTIRE Corn Nation staff. A team that is currently only giving up 56.5 yards per game on the ground. A team that has an offense that polarizes the entire fan base. A team that has a polar bear up front to stop the run (an actual polar bear would be cool though). A team that can’t take care of the fundamentals on offense yet does the fundamentals on defense.

IF Nebraska can take care of the football (I know, I know) then why can’t they win the division? The Huskers are easily 1-1 if the overall turnover margin is 0 or even minus 1 in both games. The defense has shown it can do everything but put points on the board, and that could come around soon. I don’t care who needs a fire lit under their butts to help limit the mistakes, but if they do, don’t give up on winning the west yet.

There could be a genuine possibility the B1G West winner finishes 7-5 at best. This will be the last time that someone of this caliber will have even a remote chance of competing for the conference title, so Nebraska better take advantage while it still can, because next year will be the end of the divisions, and ten wins will likely be the bare minimum required.

I’m much like everyone else, disgruntled, angry, wanting to Hulk out and smash things, but part of the “culture change” everyone clamors about includes mentality. Keep your heads-up Husker fans, who cares if it takes a tad bit longer? Why couldn't it turn around yet? What if changes are made, we take care of the football and results improve? Be the change you want to see, and someone please take care of the damn ball! Go big red!