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Corn Nation Over Reaction: Nebraska is Far from Rocky Mountain High After Loss to Colorado

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Battle for the Soul of the Nation, I believe one colleague put it on Corn Nation. The epitome of all that is good in the world and, well...Colorado.

36 to 14.

This one will haunt us for some time. Turnovers that led to Buffalo points. A field goal that clangs off the upright. bonehead error after bonehead error.

But a defense that did its best to keep the game close to try to give the Nebraska offense a legitimate shot at putting something together.

To hell with the history between these two schools and that rivalry. The only game in the 120+ year history of Nebraska vs Colorado that matters is the one that was just played, and Nebraska couldn’t get it done.

Glimpses of offensive competence that are mired in a scheme that has not worked to put many points on the board in 2023. Nebraska is averaging 12ppg through the first two games, and that may only be good enough against Iowa.

Something to think about...we thought we were at rock bottom. But as Hoss introduces us to this song, “But I’ve been falling so long, it’s like gravity’s gone, and I’m just floating.”

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