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It Begins and Ends with the Quarterback Position Going Forward for Nebraska Football

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Accountability will be a word we get to throw around in the coming weeks. Especially after the 22 point loss to Colorado.

The 22 point margin was not a result of major deficiencies up and down the roster for Nebraska. It all comes down to one position.


Colorado has a potential Heisman trophy candidate on their side. Through eight quarters, Nebraska appears to have a turnover machine who has trouble catching snaps, handing the ball off and making smart decisions with the ball running their offense.

It might be the Grand Canyon as of right now at the most important position in the sport. That’s how you get a blowout loss against Colorado.

The frustration comes because it was not a result of anything that Colorado did yesterday in the loss. It snowballed because of the repeated mistakes that Jeff Sims made at the quarterback position.

So what is the plan going forward?

Stick with the Jeff Sims? Or go with the backup quarterback in Heinrich Haarberg?

This is when we sit as fans with all of the answers. We know exactly without question what this coaching staff needs to do to fix the problems on offense. Right? Right?

Did you see that touchdown pass by Haarberg to Thomas Fidone? I mean, Jeff Sims hasn’t been able to do that through eight quarters.

There is a level of sarcasm here.

Unfortunately, the answer at the quarterback position quite frankly might not be on the roster. If that is true, then it might be a long season for Matt Rhule and Co.

There have been mentions of Casey Thompson. He sure looks like he would be quite the upgrade right now. However, Thompson also had Trey Palmer.

Matt Rhule and Marcus Satterfield have a lot of work to do and some difficult decisions to make.

Start with the turnovers and go from there.

As for Tony White and the defense. Keep on keeping on.