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Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska Fall Camp, Pac-12 Destruction, And What Do The New Guys Bring?

2023 Pac-12 Football Media Day Photo by Louis Grasse/Getty Images

Yes, that is a new graphic.

I prompted something like “Matt Rhule riding into Memorial Stadium on a unicorn, looking like a savior” and THERE YOU ARE! ]

Todd starts the show by getting his frustration out on people who were rooting for the USWNT to lose. I hide under the desk for a bit.

Then we go into an update on what’s happening with Nebraska football’s fall camp. Tommi Hill, lots of linemen talk, lots of comments from our viewers. Everybody is in better shape.

A commenter asked what we could expect different from this year from Donovan Raiola and the offensive line. They get an answer.

We spend the latter part of the show talking about the Pac 12, because... well, it effects all of college football. Todd is sad that Stanford is being left out. I am not because they did this to themselves as a result of crappy leadership.

Then there’s the news today that Cal and Stanford might join the ACC.

I think that’s silly.