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2023 Nebraska Win Total Surveys And Preseason Major Conference Polls

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

You’ve probably seen the SBNation React surveys, right?

This is a rundown of all the surveys from fans prediction the major conference winners for 2023. Toward the end is a survey showing what Nebraska fans think our beloved Huskers record will be in 2023.

This is the SBN Reacts survey specifically for Nebraska:

ChatGPT Summary:

[Below is a REALLY short summary and completely misses all of my sarcasm and shots at other teams. I encourage you to watch the video, please. Note there are chapter markers:


00:00 - Intro
01:23 - ACC
02:43 - Big 12
04:26 - Pac 12
06:02 - SEC
07:34 - Big Ten
09:33 - College Football Playoff
10:57 - Nebraska Predictions]

In this video, Jon Johnston from CornNation shares some polls conducted by SB Nation amongst college football fans. He goes through the predictions for each conference champion in the major conferences, as well as the college football playoffs, and ends with the predictions for Nebraska’s win total for the upcoming season.

For the ACC, Clemson is the overwhelming favorite to win, with Florida State also considered a contender. In the Big 12, Texas is picked to win over Oklahoma. The Pac-12’s favorite is USC, with Oregon and Washington also highly regarded. Georgia is the clear favorite in the SEC, while Ohio State is chosen to win the Big Ten over Michigan.

In terms of the college football playoffs, the majority predicts two teams from the Big Ten and two from the SEC to make it in. There is some discussion about the future playoff expansion and its impact on the game.

Regarding Nebraska’s win total, most fans predict the team to have between six and nine wins, with a small percentage being more optimistic, even predicting an undefeated national championship season.

Jon appreciates the support he has received and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and engage in discussions about the predictions. He concludes by saying, “Go Big Red.”