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Five Heart Podcast 338: Farmer in the Portal Due to “Small Things” and More Husker News

Big Ten Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Jon and Greg are in to discuss the Fall camp thus far. This includes the Myles Farmer situation, and apparently how one side viewed the suspension over minor things and the other side thought it was worthy of jumping into the transfer portal. Miscommunication? Misunderstanding? Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

Iowa entertains with some gambling issues. The downside is that one of those gambling allegations has made its way to the Nebraska men’s basketball team via the transfer portal earlier this Spring. And Fred Hoiberg found out the same time we did, he just happened to be in Spain when he learned about it.

The Pac 12 is dissolving faster than a kool-aid pack in water. Colorado is going back to the Big XII and it seems they may be dragging some member schools of the Pac 12 with them. I guess Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah want at least one win per year and being in the same conference as Colorado will help see that happen.

As always, the Chatterfields (whom Greg has missed GREATLY) brought their own heat/questions. A good time was had by all.