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Week 1 Predictions: Huskers at Golden Gophers

What’s your prediction?

He returns to the scene of the crime.

Mike: With apologies to Santa, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Patrick: Hi

Florida (+6.5) at Utah (Thursday, Aug. 31)

Patrick: University of Utah 27 University of Florida 21

Mike: Florida is going to throw a Wisconsin reject at quarterback? I dare say the Utes will smell blood in this season opener. Utah 35, G8rs 17.

Nate P: Cam Rising is now listed as doubtful for this game so do the Gators have the advantage now? Gators 17 Utes 10

Mayonnaise Classic

North Carolina (-2.5) vs. South Carolina

Patrick: University of South Carolina 32 University of North Carolina 28

Mike: Mack gets glorped after the game. Heels 33, Games 30

Nate P: Gamecocks are trending up and Tarheels are trending down. A good Saturday night Clash in Charlotte with USC coming out on a with a 35-31 win.

Northwestern (+6.5) at Rutgers (Sunday, Sept. 3)

Patrick: Queens College 10 Northwestern University 6

Mike: Oh, CBS... why, oh why did you pick this stinker for a Sunday network broadcast? Rutgers 24, NW 9

Nate P: NFL season hasn’t started yet so this might actually get more eyeballs in the NYC and Chicago market. Rutgers slices up the Wildcats 30-6.

LSU (-2.5) vs. Florida State (Sunday, Sept. 3)

Patrick: Louisiana State University 31 Florida State University 21

Mike: These opening week game picks are sometimes just a flip-a-coin situation. Free Shoes 37, Tigahs 30

Nate P: Loving this showdown in Orlando. It should live up to the hype of last year’s game but this time the Tigers will roar. LSU 33 FSU 30

The Battle for the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy

Nebraska (+7) at Minnesota (Thursday, Aug. 31)

Mike: PJ Fleck has bragged that his “culture” beat Nebraska’s “skill” the last few years. Hard to argue with the scoreboard results, and clearly, if you look at Nebraska’s recruiting rankings, the Huskers have outrecruited the west division with little to show for it, other than embarrassing losses in recent years. That’s why I find some of the little things that Matt Rhule has done to flip the culture so fascinating. The Husker Olympics last spring. The drills in the snow last winter. Starting preseason practice in the dorms. I don’t know that this is the answer, but I have faith that Rhule knows what he’s doing here. And it’s not like Minnesota is coming into 2023 like a juggernaut; they have significant questions. They lost running back Mo Ibrahim and over half of their offensive line. They have questions on all three levels of their defense. While Nebraska may be still breaking in their new systems, the Gophers aren’t sure what they’re doing either. Pass me the Rhule-aid for week one: Huskers 28, Goofers 24.

Patrick: University of Minnesota 28 University of Nebraska 17

Nate P: Minnesota usually starts the year slow so I like Nebraska’s chances more now compared to facing them in October or November. Huskers 20 Gophers 13

Cobby: Goldy Gopher spots Jon in the stands and calls security. A near riot ensues in the stadium as Jon gets hauled out. The Minnesota student section then recognizes Jon and they start pelting him (and the MPD officers) with Dilly bars. The melting Dilly bars start leaking down the stands and onto the field, where it causes a short circuit in PJ Fleck’s headset and triggering hair regrowth. After the game, Fox’s Gus Johnson comments on Fleck’s game-grown mullet triggering Fleck to go storming out of the interview.