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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Minnesota

A Week 0 victory is in the horizon.

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We’ve done it! We made it through yet another football offseason. This one was not short on drama or hype.

I know some of us are trying to be cautious as we’ve been burned with high hopes on a new regime before, but that damn Kool-Aid is so good. I just can’t stay away from it.

Since I’m all hyped up, I’m here to let you know there’s no need to worry, the Huskers are going to start the season off with a win!

Here are your five reasons why:


Okay, come on give me a break. You knew I was going to use that sometime this year. I figured I might as well kick it off with a nice pun and get it over with. Who knows I might use it all year.

Anyway, as this will be head coach, Matt Rhule’s first game he has to win it. There is no other option. His two predecessors were not able to win the first games of their reigns and we all know how those played out.

This is the game that will set the tone not only for the season, but also for Matt Rhule as the coach of Nebraska. He’s going to come out with a solid plan and the execution is going to amaze us all.

I can’t wait to see all the Nebraska “Rhules” shirts that come out after this. (Yes, I’m sure I was the first to come up with it and so I have copyrighted the phrase. Thank you for your money.)


The past few years, the Husker football teams have made little mistakes that lose them games that they had every right winning. While I was trying to see the positive side of these teams, I saw that as bad luck. Really, those little mistakes were signs of an undisciplined team.

This Husker football team looks more disciplined. The defensive line has even adopted the motto: Relentless. Discipline. Violent. We are going to see a team that’s doing the little things right and that’s going to translate into a victory on Thursday.


The last two years the Huskers have opened the season against a B1G opponents. Those games have not turned out how any of us would hope for them to. That ends this week.

It’s basic math, two failed attempts + a whole new coaching staff = starting off the season with a B1G win.


Throughout the past few seasons the Husker defense has shown flashes of the bright light that we’ve all been waiting for. There’s no doubt that there are playmakers on this defense. Luke Riemer, Isaac Gifford, Quinton Newsome, Omar Brown, Ty Robinson, and Malcolm Hartzog will continue to make names for themselves. They’ll be making plays and will start the season off with some big take aways.

The defense is going to be a shining star this season and that all starts with Minnesota.

Expect a big defensive showing.


Yesterday we found out that true freshman and Nebraska native Tristan Alvano will be the starting kicker for the Huskers. Coach Rhule has full faith in Alvano and so do I. In recent years the Huskers have had their struggles with kickers, but this year there was a battle to the very end and Alvano won out and is ready to carry on the tradition of strong Husker kickers.

On the other side of the kicking game, Brian Buschini is back as punter. He was a bright spot in a disappointing season last year and even through injury showed Husker Nation that he was who we wanted on our side. We are going to see him a lot less this year, but when we do we’ll know we’re in good hands.

Trust me on this one folks. Minnesota will be sadly rowing their boats into Week 1 while the Huskers walk away victorious. I’ve never steered you wrong before.