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Preseason Big Ten Rankings - Week of 8/28/23

Outside of the top three, it’s a crapshoot

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back one and all to another fun filled college football season. There’s a lot to digest and a lot has happened since we las saw you all. Will we go into a lot here? Heck no, why should we? This is just another arbitrary list that everyone likes to argue over. However, they are fun to make.

So please, look this over and give us your rankings in the comments below. The best one gets...nothing.

  1. Michigan - “The Champions Of The West”. You know the drill. They’re here until I don’t think they should be.
  2. Ohio State - Your goal is to beat Michigan and Penn State. You should have no problem with anyone else.
  3. Penn State - You could be #1. You could also be #5. It’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” time once again in Happy Valley.
  4. Wisconsin - Let’s put the air raid (or a version of it) up north in Madison. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. If anything, it might be fun to see what happens. These guys could easily drop as the season moves along. Especially once the cold winds of November hits.
  5. Maryland - I love coaching redemption stories and it looks like Mike Locksley is doing just that in College Park. Will they win the B1G East? Oh no, not at all. But they should cause a lot of problems for all the teams and do nicely for themselves once the post season comes around.
  6. Minnesota - Minnesota will be fine. They should go up in the rankings. They will also lose 3 to 5 games before it’s all said and done. It’s what they do.
  7. Iowa - I originally had Iowa at #4. Then Cade McNamara went down in practice which what looks like some sort of injury to his leg. He doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m guessing he going to get beat up at the year goes on as they don’t really have a backup. Iowa has a good defense that should win them a lot of games. Unfortunately for them, they also have an offense that will also lose them some.
  8. Illinois - New DC doesn’t scare me. Like Minnesota, I can see them jumping up this chart as the season moves along. Go Bert!
  9. Michigan State - IDK, you have some players and should be better than those below you.
  10. Nebraska - No clue, what I said about Michigan State goes for Nebraska.
  11. Purdue - New coach (hard shrug)
  12. Rutgers - Old coach (hard shrug)
  13. Indiana - Basketball season starts in November.
  14. Northwestern - ....