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Friday Flakes: Alberts on High Ticket Prices for Football - “And that’s not right. Especially when you’re 3-9.”

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Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Has something put Athletic Director Trev Alberts in a grumpy mood lately? He has been making several comments (one is particularly below) about the unacceptable state of the Nebraska football program.

There appears to be a sense of urgency with the Athletic Department and that is definitely a good thing. Hopefully it does not turn to desperation over the next several years.

To add to the comment below in the next section, when talking about the prices of football tickets (including donations) Alberts made the salient comment that essentially Nebraska football’s ticket prices should not be as high as they are particularly when the product has been terrible.

I always go back to the fact that Nebraska not only is competing against members of the Big Ten but they are also competing with couches, air conditioning and heating.

The losing definitely does not help either. But why would I want to pay all that money to sit in cramped seating where they are trying to fit 30 people in a row that can only fit 26.

Yes, it is unfortunate that we are much bigger than we were in the 1800s but it is the reality. I have zero incentive to go to a game to be smashed instead of sitting at home watching it on my tv with the air conditioner/heater.

Now if Nebraska starts 4-0, maybe being smashed by fellow Nebraskans does not sound too bad.

A devastating quote from Trev Alberts on the radio show this week.

Could this mean that if everything flipped right now that Nebraska would be on the outside looking in?

Or maybe he means that if things continue to trend this direction that it will not be long before Nebraska would not be a part of major college football.

I heard last week that last season Nebraska was tied for 18th, out of the power five conferences, for the amount of times it was on major network type television. That would make you think that Nebraska is in a safe spot.

However, that spot is probably ready to be taken by somebody else.


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From Chris Williamson’s 3 Minute Monday Newsletter:

There are quicker routes to happiness than a salary raise.

In terms of the effect on happiness, having a friend you see regularly is worth $100,000 a year.

Being in good physical health is worth an extra $400,000 a year.

Being married is also worth $100,000 a year.

Seeing your neighbour regularly is worth $60,000 a year.

Income doesn’t have a lasting increase on happiness because people usually adapt to money.

In contrast, marriage, family, and health have lasting increases on happiness and are immune to hedonic adaptation.

Compared with not attending any religious service, attending a religious service once a week has the same effect on happiness as moving from the bottom to the top quartile of the income distribution.

A poor person with a spouse, a close friend, a relationship with a neighbour, and who attends a religious service can achieve the same level of happiness as an affluent upper middle class person.

How nice that cultural and economic elites promote fitness, marriage, & friendship. They clearly want you to be happy.” — Rob Henderson