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Five Heart Podcast: Alternate Uniforms are in but where are the Blackshirts?

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This week, Jon’s in a lodge somewhere watching Cocaine Bear with and and reacting accordingly, so Greg called in some familiar faces to join him on the show this week.

Todd is here, and he’s supposed to play the role of the crotchety old man, but he’s surprisingly pleasant and upbeat. And making his Five Heart debut is legendary Husker fan and all-around superb individual Brett Baker. Brett shares his thoughts on the Day by Day documentary among other Husker topics.

One of the main topics, predictably, is the alternate uniforms that were revealed this week in a stellar video package. Owning the fact that 100 years ago, Nebraska donned blue uniforms to welcome Oklahoma, because THEY BOTH CAN’T WEAR RED, the Huskers will have a thin blue outline around the numbers for one game in October. But Greg is more impressed by the details on the shoulders, as they replicate the four stone carvings around Memorial Stadium. Brett however thinks the thin blue line isn’t enough and wants Nebraska to fully embrace the blue...for one game only.

Also, and I can’t believe I’m saying this...we haven’t seen the blackshirts yet. What is Matt Rhule’s plan on one of the more storied traditions within the program?

These topics and others are all part of an all-new Five Heart Podcast.