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Five Heart Podcast: Single Digits and Season Tickets (No Relation)

Nebraska v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Greg and Jon discuss the new allowance of single-digit uniform numbers as instituted by Head Coach Matt Rhule. Also, season ticket holders received their physical copy tickets this week. Not only did the Athletic Department hear the cries of the people and bring back physical tickets, they are enhanced with digital extras.

We discussed changes in the Big Ten, including the possibility of the championshpi game being played in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Chip Kelly has an idea of doing away with conferences and having two large divisions (made up of Power Five and Group of Five schools) and letting them battle it out. And to that I say...bring on relegation!

One of our commenters gave us some Superchat $$$ and asked about our worst away game experience. Jon tells the story of his, noting that his wife still gets angry about it every time it comes up in conversations.

Furthermore, Colorado social media is just silly sometimes. And Jon gives us details on the Mn4NE gathering before the first game of the season. More info on that is here!!!

The comments were lively once again this week!


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