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Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska Football Fall Camp Begins!!!!! Big Ten Expansion Talk!

Big Ten Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Andy Ketterson joined us, coming in live from Tiger Tom’s in Omaha.

Todd, Andy, and I discussed the following:

  • My experience with my Botox treatment for headaches where I got 31 shots in my head last Friday
  • Andy gave us a rundown of his experience in Big Ten media days last week

Nebraska’s fall camp started and we discussed those that are missing including:

  • Miles Farmer - suspended indefinitely for “little things” that add up
  • Jacob Hood - dealing with ankle injury issues
  • Joshua Fleeks - showed up way overweight - how does this happen?
  • Brody Tagaloa - in a car accident and will miss the season
  • We discussed what has impressed us most or what we have noticed about fall camp.
  • We discussed why we believe that the Minnesota game is the biggest, Giants game of the year by far.
  • We also discussed Big Ten and conference realignment and expansion then what that would do for scheduling.

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