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Corn Flakes: Football Season Is Almost Here

A 46,000 year old worm crawls out of permafrost and Columbia beats Germany in the women’s world cup

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Big Ten Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Check out this story below about a cat who was good at escaping.

Lincoln cat can’t be contained, keeps escaping room at Capital Humane Society
Staff at the Capital Humane Society thought they were going crazy before a tricky cat was caught on camera.

We also had a Houdini cat. His name was Simon. He was a shelter cat that we adopted and he had the most amazing blue eyes and the softest fur. Simon also hated a closed door. It didn’t matter which side of the door he was on. He wanted to be on the other side of the closed door.

When we built the ranch house and moved Simon out to his new abode, things went well for a while. Unfortunately, Simon got so naughty that we relegated him to being an outdoor cat. He had a cushy little insulated kitty house with nice warm blankets and lots of attention from young ranchhands.

He still hated closed doors. One detail that becomes important...we build the ranch house with lever style door latches rather than tarditional round door knobs.

Yep, you guessed it. Simon learned how to open doors to get in or out of the house and garage as he pleased. It took us a while to figure out why doors were often ajar (I blamed the ranchhands at first).

We came home from church one morning to find five cats and a puppy in our kitchen. The kitties had all licked the cereal bowls clean - licking them all the way to (and over) the edge of the table.

We changed all exterior door latches to round knobs.

Simon lived a long and happy life as an outdoor ranch cat. But, he still regularly checked out the doors to see if he could figure out how to open those round knobs.

Corn Flakes

Hickey: 7 takeaways from Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis
Saturday Tradition columnist Alex Hickey shares his 7 most noteworthy takeaways from this week’s Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis.

Jeremy Pernell: A Fresh Start for Corey Collier Jr. - All Huskers
The Florida transfer has been making a name for himself since arriving at Nebraska in January

Nebraska football recruiting weekend scores big with top-ranked WR prospect
The Nebraska football team is having a massive recruiting weekend and one of its biggest visitors is a 2025 receiver that is among the best in the class.

Rogers Selected to NCAA Competition Oversight Committee - Track & Field
The committee focuses on overall student-athlete experience and administration of regular season and championship competition for sports other than football and men’s and women’s basketball.

Husker players talk about head coach Matt Rhule
Nebraska sent three players to represent the team at Big Ten media days last week.

Nebraska Football: Analyst sees a ‘rebrand’ happening with Huskers
One analyst not only thinks that Matt Rhule is taking Nebraska football through a rebrand that he believes is going to work for the Huskers.

Jorgenson Grabs Third Qualifying Time - Swimming
Soon-to-be Husker sophomore Gena Jorgenson added a third Olympic Trials-qualifying time in the 400-meter freestyle at the TYR Pro Championships in Irvine, Calif., on Thursday.

Huskers still awaiting word on Arik Gilbert waiver request
Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule updates the waiver request for Arik Gilbert.


Max Scherzer trade: Mets send ace to Rangers for Luisangel Acuna
Max Scherzer, a three-time Cy Young winner, agreed to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Rangers.

Women’s World Cup: Inside the infamous nude calendar that got the Matildas in trouble with the Australian government - ABC News
It was described as both “empowering” and “shocking” and was used to raise the profile of the Matildas — but a nude calendar in 1999 saw the team get far more than they bargained for.

Undisputed champions in boxing: Terence Crawford makes history becoming undisputed in second weight class -
‘Bud’ defeated Errol Spence Jr. to become the undisputed welterweight king, the first man to secure all four titles in two divisions

Colombia stages stunning upset against Germany in Women’s World Cup | CNN
Colombia produced one of the most dramatic Women’s World Cup upsets, scoring in the last minute to beat two-time world champion Germany 2-1 on Sunday.

Reading that makes you smarter

(Not guaranteed)

The rebel group stopping self-driving cars in San Francisco – one cone at a time | California | The Guardian
The Safe Street Rebel group has waged a war against robotaxis in an effort to end vehicle dominance in the city and promote public transport

Two behavioral scientists who study honesty accused of using falsified data : Planet Money : NPR
Dan Ariely and Francesca Gino are two of the biggest stars in behavioral science. Both have conducted blockbuster research into how to make people more honest,

We Are All Animals at Night | Hazlitt
A former massage parlor employee shines a light on how people regard those who do undesirable work.

A nematode survived 46,000 years in permafrost : NPR
A nematode found deep in frozen sediment has proven its ability to survive extreme environments long term. Scientists studying the species say their work could inform the protection of other animals.

Another week - another poop article

Red algae reduces methane emissions from cow poop
Adding a type of methane-inhibiting red algae directly to cow feces cut down methane emission from the poop by about 44 percent, researchers report.